American phone numbers at a low cost

It is possible to purchase an American phone number even without being in the United States, provided you use our service. Your territorial location in this case does not affect the number in any way - using a virtual phone, you have the opportunity to create American accounts, register in social. networks, etc.

A temporary phone number is used to receive messages without having a phone. In fact, this service is available anywhere in the world where there is access to the Internet without the need for mobile coverage and the presence of a SIM card. You can receive SMS from any gadget that has access to the Internet.


What virtual numbers can be bought on

Tinder is the most popular mobile dating app. The program determines your GPS coordinates and shows you users in the radius you specified. With free registration, Tinder will not only help you start a serious relationship, but also expand your social circle.

Twitter is a short, frequent messaging service. Users post tweets, which can contain photos, videos, links, and text. The demand for the resource made it one of the priority areas for SMM (Social Media Marketing).

Facebook is an American social network that is popular all over the world. On Facebook, you can post photos and videos, find friends, classmates, etc. Creating a new account on a social network is free. is the largest marketplace in the world in terms of turnover. It was Amazon that ushered in a new era in marketing history by offering a wider audience the ability to shop from the comfort of their homes.

Netflix is ​​a service that allows users to watch movies and TV shows online on various devices. Various films and series are not only distributed through Netflix, but are also produced by the same company.

eBay is an auction in which anyone can take part as a seller or as a buyer. Here you will always find a huge range of various goods: from food to cars.


Virtual number for registration

An advantageous and convenient option for purchasing a virtual number is the sms-acktiwator service. Using this service, you can register not only on Netflix with a virtual phone number, but also on Twitter, Facebook, Yahoo, etc.

On our service, the cost of rooms is lower than that of our competitors, because we are interested in long-term mutually beneficial cooperation.


Instructions for buying a virtual number


1. Point to email. mail and register.

2. Click on «Balance replenishment» and deposit the required amount.

3. Select country and operator.

4. Find the number you need on the main page or by searching in your personal account.

5. Select a number and press «Take number».

6. Enter on the official website during registration all the necessary data, taken number, and click «Next».

7. It remains to receive the code, copy it and enter - you have created a new profile.

We have revealed a life hack for you how to register without a phone number and special financial and time costs. You can create as many such profiles as you like, for this you just need to buy a virtual number that can be used for registration in various social networks, trading platforms, various services, etc.