How to register on Twitter without a phone number

Twitter is a social network that allows users to send short text messages to engage readers. These created messages are called tweets. The service is popular worldwide because the limited character count encourages concise thinking and the creation of original posts.

Registration on Twitter via the Website


A prospective user of the social network is required to follow several steps for Twitter registration.

1. Begin by opening and locate the registration fields.

2. If an email address is provided during profile creation, an email with instructions to confirm the address is sent.

3. Alternatively, during registration, a mobile number can be provided, and an SMS with a confirmation code will be sent to that number.

4. After completing registration, the user can enter their username. The network warns if the chosen name is already in use.


Conditions for Twitter Registration

To register on Twitter, a phone is required to receive a confirmation code. But what if you need to create multiple accounts for business, start another profile, or simply do not want to provide a personal number? Buying a physical SIM card each time is not only inconvenient but also quite expensive.

There is a budget-friendly method to register on Twitter without a number for just a couple of rubles.


How to Register on Twitter Without a Number


The optimal solution for registering on any social network without using a physical SIM card or personal phone is to buy a temporary number, usually costing a couple of rubles (the price varies depending on the chosen country).

On our service,, registration, balance replenishment, and the purchase of a virtual number typically take no more than 3-5 minutes. To buy a number, follow these steps:

1. Register on the service.

2. Top up your account.

3. Choose the country and number from the provided list.

4. Select the Twitter service.

5. The purchase is complete, allowing you to proceed with Twitter registration without a personal phone.


Additional Useful Information


The only potential issue during user registration is a delay in receiving the confirmation SMS. In such cases, retrying the process is recommended.

Is Twitter registration necessary? If you want to run your blog, post interesting and useful content – absolutely yes. If you just want to read someone's profile, you can visit

Reading is possible only for public profiles, which typically belong to public figures or profiles for promoting goods and services. Ordinary users often keep their profiles private for a certain level of confidentiality. In such cases, you need to add the person as a friend first and then read their tweets.


We've shared a life hack on how to register on Twitter without a phone number, without significant financial and time investments. You can create as many of these profiles as you want by simply buying a virtual number, which can also be used for registration on other social networks like VK, Instagram, Facebook, and more.