Long-term phone number rental

For multiple SMS reception, you can rent a virtual number on our service. This rental of a number for SMS does not imply the use of a SIM card, everything will be virtual. This feature allows you to receive messages faster than through regular numbers, and these numbers are able to receive a larger number of SMS in a short time.
Use of a rented virtual number
As a rule, renting a number for a long term implies repeated receipt of SMS over a long period, such numbers can be used in various fields:
· Some modern services require constant confirmation of entry by SMS;
· Social networks - if your account is blocked then thanks to the rented virtual number, you can restore access at any time by receiving an SMS;
· Increasing the security of access to e-mail unlike free numbers, SMS received on a rented virtual number is seen only by the owner of the number;
· Lack of a second SIM card in the phone - thanks to the virtual number, the user does not need to buy a phone with two SIM cards, it is enough to rent a virtual number for SMS, for example, it is convenient for iPhone, which supports one SIM card;
· To use a rented number, you do not need to connect roaming while abroad;
· The number can be used for temporary receipt of SMS from unwanted subscribers.
Connecting a rented number for SMS
To rent a virtual number for the necessary purposes, you need to register on the SMSAk service, transfer money to your balance account in this system in a convenient way. Then choose
the desired number, the necessary country for you (Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan) and connect it in your personal account.
When renting a larger number of virtual numbers, large discounts are possible, for details you need to write to the support service of SMSAk.
About the service of renting phone numbers
Our service is used by large companies to receive important SMS notifications. We strive for quality service and uninterrupted customer service. At the moment, the service focuses on the quality of services, not on profit, thanks to this, we maintain affordable prices and improve the level of service provision.
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Акция,на арендные номера: Австрия, Германия, Литва, Латвия, Польша,Чехия.
Russia: 215pcs.
Ukraine: 8pcs.
Kazakhstan: 130pcs.
Uzbekistan: 0pcs.
Sweden: 2pcs.
England: 14pcs.
Estonia: 10pcs.
Germany: 10pcs.
Czech: 4pcs.
Poland: 19pcs.
Latvia: 1pcs.
Netherlands: 3pcs.
Lithuania: 26pcs.
Austria: 4pcs.
France: 1pcs.
Cyprus: 6pcs.
Israel: 1pcs.
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