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Paid Number Rental
Free SMS reception for testing our service
Updated 13.06.24г.

What is SMS activation and why is this service needed?!

SMS activation is a relatively new and very convenient service for all internet users.

Our service sms-acktiwator.ru offers a wonderful opportunity to receive SMS on virtual numbers at minimal prices. Thanks to the fact that our service is fully automated and manual labor is not used, we have achieved the lowest price and maximum speed of receiving SMS. Now, to register on social networks, you don’t need to have hundreds of SIM cards, we have thought of everything down to the smallest detail. We have already taken care of everything for you!

We use several dozen processing centers in different cities and countries, this provides a huge selection of numbers provided to you for SMS activation and uninterrupted operation of the site. We are not dependent on the work of one specific person, everything is automated and brought to perfection, thanks to this we have become the best in this field!

You can buy a virtual phone number in just a couple of seconds!

sms-acktiwator.ru is created to improve the quality of service for people who are interested in both single and mass activation of accounts of various payment services and social networks that require confirmation by SMS to a mobile number.

Our main goal is to make the SMS activation sphere even better, get closer to customers, create new approaches to account verification.

Advantages of the SMS activation service: You can enter from any point on the globe; From any device; Without SIM cards and special equipment; Works fully automatically; Completely safe and confidential; The service works 24/7; No queues and delays in activation; We do not divide customers into regular and wholesalers - flexible conditions for everyone; We answer your questions around the clock, 7 days a week; We have an excellent referral system.

Now you can activate accounts of the most popular social networks Vkontakte and Odnoklassniki at a price from 1 to 20 rubles, depending on the selected option.

How to use our SMS activation service?

  • select the service on the main page and click the “take number” button

  • use the number issued to you, make sure that the SMS has been sent

  • wait for an SMS with a code near the phone number

  • if you need to receive more than one SMS, you need to send another one from our service

  • if everything is correct, and you plan to finish working with the service, then click the “check mark” button

  • waiting time for SMS from 1 to 20 minutes. After that, the number allocation ends

  • payment for activation is debited from your account according to the price list, which you can find in the left menu

  • money will be debited from your balance

  • if a number was issued but you did not use it, you can cancel the operation at any second and no payment will be charged

  • all transaction history is contained in your personal account in the “History” section

We want to note that our virtual service is completely legal, we respect the law, so there are some restrictions for users:

  • it is forbidden to use the service for illegal purposes

  • it is forbidden to use virtual phone numbers for paid subscriptions

Also, note that we are not responsible for using phone numbers in various payment systems. You carry out all actions at your discretion and at your own risk.

Remember that when buying and activating a number for your required service, this same number is used by another user for another service.

The system does not provide for a refund to your account, so be careful when making payment transactions.

We would like to separately note our affiliate program. If you want to earn money by attracting referrals, then all doors are open for you. What do you need to participate in an affiliate program? Fill out an application form in the “Info” - “Affiliate Program” section, choose a type and wait for approval by a moderator. We will be sincerely happy to see you among our partners! And we promise to make working with our service comfortable fast.

Receiving SMS online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

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