Earn money on SIM cards

Instructions for Using Modems with Our Service


Do you have SIM cards? Earn with smsak.org


Our Advantages:


  • High Income: Each SIM card can bring in 60-80 rubles, depending on the time it takes to receive SMS.
  • Autonomy: You decide when to work and when to rest. Your earnings depend on the number of SIM cards you have and how long they are in the modems.
  • Technical Simplicity: No need to program your own website, configure equipment, or find clients – we'll handle it all for you.
  • Transparency of Work: Monitor your income online in your personal account. Payouts to QIWI Wallet or your bank card.


What You Need to Work With Us:


1. Periodic availability of SIM cards. With thousands of SIM cards monthly, you can earn around 30,000-45,000 rubles. No restrictions.

2. Presence of a GOIP-GSM-VOIP gateway. You can purchase the equipment on AliExpress or any other website.


How to Get Started:


1. Submit an application to smsak.org@mail.ru. We will contact you and explain how to get started.

2. Have the necessary equipment, including a multi-channel GOIP-GSM-VOIP gateway.

3. Have a large number of SIM cards from any operator, region, or country. We will sell all your SIM cards in any quantity. The key is that SIM cards can receive SMS.

4. We sell all your SIM cards in any volume. The main thing is the ability of the SIM card to receive SMS.

5. The entire process is fully automated. The more SIM cards, the higher the profit.


On Ukrainian numbers, you can earn up to 200 rubles with one SIM. Interested? Write to smsak.org@mail.ru.

We will provide detailed instructions on how to start earning with SIM cards on our website.

Write to our email smsak.org@mail.ru, as indicated on the main page of the site. Also, you need to have a GSM gateway. Below is a photo of what it looks like (in this example, a GSM gateway with 4, 8, 16, and 32 ports).


You can buy a GSM gateway with 4 ports on AliExpress using the following link: https://goo.gl/gSBzqp

You can buy a GSM gateway with 8 ports on AliExpress using the following link: https://goo.gl/qAFaV2

You can buy a GSM gateway with 16 ports on AliExpress using the following link: https://goo.gl/DL2BmH

You can buy a GSM gateway with 32 ports on AliExpress using the following link: https://goo.gl/7dy9N4

After you have written to us via email that you have a GSM gateway and SIM cards, we will grant administrative access to your email. Then, in the menu (shown in the photo), you will see the «Admin» section.

With us, you can also register accounts for your SIM cards, i.e., sell accounts and earn money for it.

To get unlimited access, you need to buy a tariff (prices are indicated on the screen). After purchasing the tariff, you can register accounts without restrictions.

To view your numbers, go to Settings – Parameters and check «Display only my numbers». Then, only your numbers will be visible on the site, and registration will only take place on your SIM cards.

If you want to register only on your SIM cards, without selling numbers on the site, uncheck «Sell numbers» and click «Save».

Now you can register with any software available on the Internet for any service. Almost all programs have API integration with our service. Buy any program and register.

If you want to register for your service and sell other accounts, you can do it through our site. Go to Settings – Services. Here you can enable and disable various services (by clicking on the star).

To withdraw your earnings, first go to the «Finances» section.

Currently, you can withdraw money to QIWI Wallet, TRC20, or your bank card. Enter your wallet details.

Then go to the «Payouts» section. Specify the amount for withdrawal to the wallet or transfer to the main balance (indicated by the red arrow, where you can see your main balance). You can use it to purchase numbers.

This balance is your earnings.

In the SMS menu, you will find all SMS messages that were sent to you.

In the «Occupied Numbers» section, you can see the amount earned for SMS.

We will also connect you via API.

Our offer: We propose that you receive SMS on your SIM cards from popular social networks, messengers, and other services where SMS confirmation is required.