Registration on eBay

eBay is one of the most well-known online auction platforms. The preferred payment system is PayPal. Officially, registration can only take place on one page. However, users may need more than one eBay registration. An additional profile helps with sales by specifying different prices for products and inflating bids on one's own item. However, in such cases, users risk being banned by administrators.

How to Create eBay Accounts Without Providing Personal Information?


By adhering to special rules, it is possible to create multiple profiles on the trading platform. Pages cannot have identical data. It is not recommended to bid on an item from another account and sell it from the main one. But for one profile, using a VPN is recommended. The main condition is that no identical information should be provided during registration or in personal details.

Note! It is impossible to create a large number of profiles on eBay, registering them with one email address or one phone number.


What are the Features When Creating Profiles on the Trading Platform?

1. There should be no overlap between profiles in the listings you create. It is also not allowed to bid on the same product through different accounts. All data is traceable.

2. Your accounts must have different identifiers for users. All names, including usernames, must be provided from different email addresses.


Can You Have Multiple eBay Accounts?

Yes, you can register from one email address (Personal or Premier level), and you can also use one corporate account (Business). Additionally, there is an option to add multiple email addresses, bank accounts, as well as credit or debit cards to your personal profile. The peculiarity of adding data to the profile is that all accounts must have their own email address and financial information. If you have a registered account and want to use PayPal for business, you have the option to open a corporate-level account, namely, Business. Each new account opening procedure will be accompanied by confirmation and verification: the system takes the maintenance of its security level seriously.


Buy an eBay Account Using a Virtual Number


To register accounts without providing personal information, it is recommended to use the service. The cost of a number on the service starts from a few kopecks (the price depends on the selected country and operator). Here, you can purchase a virtual number for registration on eBay, Alibaba, Aliexpress, etc.

Instructions for Purchasing:

1. Register on the website.

2. Select «Add Balance» from the menu on the right and enter the required amount.

3. Specify the country and operator.

4. Choose «eBay» and click «Get Number».

5. The number is purchased; now you can enter it during registration and click «Next».

6. Copy the received code.

7. The new eBay profile is created.

A new profile is created literally in a couple of minutes, and it can be used for any purpose. Visit the service and purchase numbers starting from 1 ruble for any trading platforms and social networks.