Free SMS reception

Free SMS reception is carried out by the website . The site provides free numbers for receiving SMS. For what purposes such a service can be used:
· Cheating traffic and robots on your resource, for example, registration on your site occurs only by means of SMS;
· Social media accounts - all popular networks currently require a phone number;
· Registration of a mailbox for receiving e-mail. Gmail allows you to register only five addresses per number, using the service for free SMS reception, you can register an unlimited number of addresses;
· Messengers - for example, you need a second whatsapp to work, you can register it using our service;
· Participation in bonus programs, many restaurants give discounts or bonuses for receiving SMS;
· Registration in the electronic currency service (WebMoney, QIWI, YandexMoney);
· Receiving SMS to RF numbers while abroad;
· For temporary use of the number on the bulletin boards, Avito or Yula;
· A situation in which you do not want to receive SMS to your main number.
Virtual number for receiving SMS
Free numbers for receiving SMS offers many services, and for different countries (Russia, USA, Europe and Asia). As a rule, SMS messages that come to an online number are visible to all visitors of the resource, therefore, when using such sites, it is necessary to observe the security of your data.
The second possible drawback of most sites, the numbers that are offered, could already have been used many times, in this case, the site it has an advantage, since the choice of online numbers for receiving SMS is very large and there is a constant update.
How does a virtual number for receiving sms work ?
Work on the site quite simply, if you want to receive an sms to a toll-free number you need:
· Go to the website for receiving SMS messages;
· Choose a virtual number to receive SMS;
· Copy the selected online number to the service where you need to use it;
· An SMS with the information you need will be sent to the website screen, it is recommended to use the received data as soon as possible to avoid confusion and getting your data to other users.
A service that provides a toll-free phone number
Proven and secure service for receiving sms. This site is popular. You can use all available numbers for Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan for free.
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Updated 19.05.24г.