Registering on Tinder without a personal number

Tinder has long outgrown being just a regular dating site and is now a multinational network for communication. Of course, Tinder's primary goal as a dating service, where millions of users from around the world log in daily to find a partner, has been preserved.

The main audience remains young people. Tinder attracts a young and progressive audience, making it the go-to platform for the younger generation seeking connections. To fully utilize the app's functionality, users need to register, fill out their profiles, and then start communicating.


Tinder Authorization has its specifics. Let's look at how to register on Tinder and why a virtual number is needed for this.


Can you register on Tinder without a phone number?

Standard registration on Tinder without providing a phone number and subsequent SMS confirmation is impossible. However, not all users want to disclose their personal information on the internet. Using a familiar SIM card is not mandatory. But this only applies to standard registration, and there is a reliable way to bypass this requirement. The most effective method is to buy a virtual number for Tinder.

In this case, an SMS smsak service will help: on the website, you can purchase a number, receive an SMS for confirmation, and complete the registration. The number is rented for 25 minutes. A profile created in this way has no differences from a regular one registered on a personal phone. By purchasing virtual numbers, you can create an unlimited number of profiles. To do this, go to, check the registration. If it's not there, register. It will take no more than 2 minutes. Just enter your login (email) and come up with a password for the profile.


Registering on Tinder without a phone via a virtual number

To register on Tinder using a phone number (without personal data), use the service, which sells inexpensive virtual numbers. The cost of one number, and therefore one new profile, starts from 1 ruble.

On the service, you can not only buy a cheap virtual number for Tinder but also register on other social networks of your choice. There is an option to choose the country and mobile operator.


Register on Tinder without a phone number (step-by-step guide)


1. Go to the dating site and choose «Authorize by phone number».

2. A field for entering a mobile number will appear.

3. Go to and go through quick registration.

4. Select «Add Balance» from the menu on the right and enter the required amount.

5. Specify the country and operator.

6. Choose «Tinder» and click «Get Number».

7. The number is purchased; now you can enter it during social network registration and click «Next».

8. Click on «Get code via SMS».

9. Enter the received code. Registration is complete.

Now, fill in your profile's personal information, and registration on Tinder without a phone is finished. This method can be used to register not only a new profile on Tinder but also on VK, OK, FB, etc. The cost of a virtual number depends on the chosen country and operator, with the price for some services being less than 1 ruble.