Official Amazon registration with virtual number is the world's largest e-commerce platform by turnover. Every day, the online store ships over 4 million products to 180 different countries. Amazon opened a new era in the history of marketing by offering a wide audience the opportunity to make purchases without leaving home.

Registering on Amazon allows you to view detailed product listings, make purchases, create wish lists, ask sellers questions, and more. To create an account on Amazon, you need to register on The login and password will be the same for any version of the site.


Amazon Registration - Providing Personal Information

To register in the online store, you need to enter the following information:

- First and last name in Latin letters;

- Phone number for confirming various payment-related actions. In some cases, local operators impose restrictions on working with numbers, preventing the confirmation of actions in the system. In such cases, a virtual number can be used;

- Postal code and residential address;

- Email address;

- The name of the store registered in the system (brand).


What is Content for Amazon

Primarily, content in this case refers to product listings (their name and description). Newsletter and eBook bonuses are additional content aimed at additional communication with the customer after the transaction. Why is this needed? Buyers can be asked to leave feedback about the product. Sales usually perform better with a large number of reviews. This works in reverse as well: negative comments usually discourage new customers.


Registering Multiple Amazon Accounts

A large number of profiles are usually needed to promote products. One account can be created per name. The second account is registered only under certain conditions, including strict compliance with Amazon's operating rules. A cost-effective way to register an account without providing personal information is to purchase a virtual number. Buying such a number guarantees that the created profile will not differ from a regular one.


Registering an Amazon Account Using a Virtual Number

To register accounts without providing a personal phone number, it is recommended to use the service. The cost of a number on the service starts from 1 ruble. Here, you can purchase a virtual number for registration not only on Amazon but also on other online stores, such as eBay, Alibaba, Aliexpress, etc. also provides the choice of the country and operator of the rented number.

Instructions for Purchasing a Virtual Number:

1. Register on the website.

2. Select «Add Balance» from the menu on the right and enter the required amount.

3. Specify the country and operator.

4. Choose «Amazon» and click «Get Number».

5. The number is purchased; now you can enter it during registration and click «Next».

6. Copy the received code.

7. The new Amazon profile is created.

The Amazon account is officially registered. Now you can fully browse products, ask questions, and make purchases. The address to which orders will be delivered, as well as payment details, will be requested during the first purchase. With a virtual number, you can create any number of profiles - just buy a virtual number.