1000 taxi — call a taxi economy, standard, premium

1000 Taxi: Quick 24/7 Car Booking for City and Intercity Travel. The service allows you to call a taxi and track the vehicle's movement on the map, receiving notifications when the car arrives at your door. All taxis are marked near your geolocation with information about availability, allowing you to summon the nearest car based on your specified parameters.

1000 Taxi Car Classes


Economy class is in high demand due to its affordability. A quick and comfortable option for reaching your destination, typically using small hatchbacks and sedans.

Mid-range class offers a cost-effective solution for regular trips with minimal expenses. Cars like Renault Logan or Renault Sandero usually fulfill these requests.

Business class includes vehicles designed for city or intercity travel, featuring models like Ford and Toyota Camry.

Premium class is suitable for business meetings, hotel transfers, and airport pickups. This category includes cars like Mercedes and BMW.

The service aims for a car arrival time of around 5 minutes. The trip cost can be viewed directly in the app. The service operates similarly to regular taxi bookings, where the ride time starts counting from the moment you enter the vehicle.


Benefits of 1000 Taxi Rides

You can view trip costs directly in the app or by calling (495) 540-40-50. Car requests are available 24/7 through the website or the app. Requests are processed automatically, eliminating the possibility of human error.

Only officially registered drivers work with 1000taxi.com, considering each customer's needs. Each trip is tracked via GPS, and customers receive SMS notifications upon car arrival. The first 10 minutes of waiting are free, and during peak hours, savings on trips can range from 20% to 100%. Child restraint systems are available in vehicles. Payment can be made in cash or through various cashless methods.


Registering Without a Personal Number

To order a 1000 Taxi car, register on the website or mobile app. After providing your details and mobile phone number, confirm your registration. For creating new accounts, bypassing restrictions, preserving anonymity online, or participating in one-time promotions, we recommend purchasing a temporary virtual number.

Virtual numbers are acquired to receive SMS verification codes without the need for a physical SIM card. You can buy a number for a limited period — the website's user panel displays the number's cost, duration, SMS details. Temporary numbers on our website start from 1 ruble.


Buy a Virtual Number for 1000 Taxi


1. Log in or register on https://smsak.org/ (requires an email address and password).

2. Click on your username and «Add Funds», enter the desired amount, and choose a payment method.

3. Select the country and operator.

4. Find «1000 Taxi» and click «Get Number».

5. Complete the registration on the chosen service using the SMS sent to your purchased number.

With a virtual number for SMS, you can also register on Zilch, Prom.ua, YouDo, and more. To bypass restrictions from other countries, you can obtain numbers from Poland, Brazil, Kyrgyzstan, or other countries through our website. Purchasing a number typically takes 3-5 minutes.