YouDo — servic for solving household tasks and business problems

YouDo is an online service connecting individuals and businesses with skilled professionals to tackle everyday tasks and business needs. It serves as a platform where specialists find additional work opportunities, expand their client base, and promote their services. Clients select service providers based on ratings and reviews.

YouDo has 10 million registered users, including 3 million service providers. The platform accommodates a variety of professionals, including tutors, designers, and household appliance repair technicians. It also hosts website developers, wedding planners, lawyers, and other experts.

YouDo, in collaboration with HeadHunter, launched YouDo Business, catering to self-employed individuals. The service simplifies document processing, reduces risks associated with work, and facilitates data exchange with the Federal Tax Service (FNS) in just a few clicks.


How YouDo Works

The client fills out a form detailing the collaboration requirements with the specialist and sets the price. They receive applications from service providers and choose the professional they prefer. Payment is made electronically.

Service providers on find suitable tasks, respond to job postings, and specify their service fees. After completing tasks, users rate and review each other's work.


Advantages of the Service


- Clients can choose service providers based on ratings and reviews;

- Thousands of diverse tasks are available, including household help, repairs, and delivery services;

- There are no time constraints for task completion;

- Access to the platform is available via both the website and a mobile application;

- Opportunities for long-term collaborations with clients are possible;

- Payments are directly transferred to the user's card;

- Service providers can also act as clients, expanding their business opportunities;

- Support service staff regulate task categories and assist users in resolving complex situations;

- All service providers undergo rigorous selection, ensuring quality work.


Registration on YouDo

Access to the service is available through the website and mobile applications (iOS and Android). Registration on the platform is free. Users can register via Facebook, VKontakte, or email. Users are asked to specify whether they are registering as service providers or clients. Verification personnel will call to confirm the provided information for profile verification. However, tasks can be performed before verification.


Registration Without a Personal Number


If you prefer not to register on social networks or other sites with your personal number, or if you need multiple profiles, we recommend purchasing a virtual number. These numbers are bought to avoid spam with numerous subscriptions or for re-registering on messengers and various platforms.

A temporary number allows you to register a large number of accounts, which can help promote your business more actively. On our service, virtual numbers start from one or a few rubles, which is much cheaper than buying a new SIM card each time.


Buy a Virtual Number for YouDo


1. Register on or log in.

2. Click on your username, then «Add Funds», enter the desired amount, and click «Add Funds».

3. On the main page or in your account under «Ordered Numbers», select the country and network operator.

4. Find «YouDo» and click «Get Number».

5. Copy the code received via SMS to complete your YouDo profile registration.

Additionally, a virtual phone number can be used to register accounts on Burger King, Blizzard, Viber, and other platforms. On our website, specific virtual numbers are available for each platform, making it convenient for registering numerous accounts across various platforms.