BNPL purchases on the Zilch app

Zilch is an app where you can buy now and pay later (BNPL) at thousands of retail stores, including Amazon, eBay, AliExpress, and Nike. Buy Now, Pay Later startups offer financing for online purchases.

When you visit an online store to buy shoes, clothes, or any other item, with Zilch, instead of making a regular purchase, you can place an order with a prepayment option. This could involve paying in 3-4 interest-free installments or, for instance, over a period of 6 to 12 months.

How Zilch Works


In the app, you'll be provided with a virtual Zilch card. To use it, select a store on the website or Zilch app, then activate the card for that store.

To make a purchase, choose the online store where you want to shop, select the payment method (pay in 4 or pay in 1 step to get 2% cashback), and input your card details to make the purchase.

Order your items with the Zilch card and pay for them later. The first payment is 25% of the total price, and the remaining balance is taken every 2 weeks (over 6 weeks) in 25% increments each time. So, the payment breakdown is as follows: 25% at checkout, 25% after 2 weeks, 25% after 4 weeks, and the final 25% after 6 weeks.


Zilch Purchase Features

1. Every purchase through the Zilch app is interest-free.

2. Make 4 payments. Spread the purchase into 4 equal payments every two weeks.

3. Use it almost everywhere Mastercard is accepted. Unlike some other Buy Now, Pay Later providers, you can use Zilch wherever Mastercard payments are accepted for an additional £2.50 fee.

4. No early repayment fees. Zilch collects your payments every two weeks, but extra payments can be made earlier without a fee.

5. No late fees. Even if you miss the scheduled payments, there won't be any late payment fees.

6. Not just clothing. Zilch is a Pay Later provider offering its services beyond clothing and home goods brands.


How to Register Without a Personal Number

To start using Zilch, download the app and sign up. Enter your information and phone number, where you'll receive a verification code via SMS. To register additional profiles, maintain anonymity online, or participate in one-time promotions, you can buy a temporary virtual number.

Virtual numbers are phone numbers without physical SIM cards. These numbers are used to register a second account on social media, messengers, email confirmation, boost your main profile, and more.


Buy a Virtual Number for Zilch


1. Register on or log in directly.

2. Click on your username and «Top up balance», enter the desired amount, and pay using any of the methods listed on the website.

3. Choose the country and mobile operator from the dropdown menu.

4. Find «Zilch» and click «Get Number».

5. Receive and copy the SMS to complete the registration on the chosen platform.

Using virtual numbers for SMS, you can also register on, КРУТО (QROOTO), OVO, and more. Buying a virtual number for SMS takes 2-4 minutes, even if you've never purchased such numbers before. The cost of temporary numbers starts at 1 or a few rubles.