Receiving SMS to virtual numbers in Kyrgyzstan

A virtual phone number is a convenient addition to your primary number. Virtual numbers are designed to maintain anonymity online and allow you to subscribe to various services without disclosing your phone number. A virtual number for Kyrgyzstan comes in handy during business trips, travels to other countries when a permanent SIM card is not needed, or for registering on different services, messengers, and social networks.

Receiving SMS on a virtual phone number


An automated service ensures low cost and high-speed service delivery. Anyone can register on a required resource without providing their real phone number. Additionally, a virtual number operates without a SIM card, providing additional savings.


Advantages of using virtual numbers for Kyrgyzstan

1. Privacy protection: Avoid unwanted SMS spam and offers by purchasing a virtual number instead of providing your personal number.

2. Cost savings: Take advantage of discounts and bonus points offered by stores, taxi aggregators, and delivery services for newly registered users. These promotions typically apply only once during the first registration, so registering multiple accounts can maximize benefits.

3. Profit generation: If your activities involve social media marketing, targeting, or other online business promotions requiring new profiles, purchasing a virtual phone number can simplify the process.


Classification of virtual numbers

1. Disposable numbers are purchased for a specific period to receive one or several SMS messages. Remaining time and all information about the acquired number can be viewed in the user's account.

2. Rental numbers are bought for an extended period (e.g., for selling products on a trading platform, addressing work-related matters, etc.). The cost of such a number depends on the selected country and rental period.


Buy a virtual number for Kyrgyzstan


1. Visit the website and complete a simple registration procedure by providing your email address and creating a password. If you are already registered on the site, you can directly log in to your account.

2. Choose «Top up balance» and add funds using your preferred method.

3. From the dropdown menu, select the country and the desired service (use the search bar in the user account for convenience).

4. In «Ordered Numbers», you can view all information about the purchased number.

5. Copy the purchased number for registration on the selected service to receive SMS.

6. Complete the registration process for the new profile.

A virtual number allows you to register an unlimited number of profiles for welcome bonuses, participation in promotions, earning additional points, and maintaining online privacy. On our website, you can also buy virtual numbers not only for Kyrgyzstan but also for the Netherlands, Thailand, England, and other countries.