YouSystem from the KLO network to receive bonus points at gas stations

The KLO gas station network has introduced its own loyalty program, allowing customers to accumulate bonus points that can be used to purchase fuel and products at the gas station.

Program conditions state that app users receive 50 kopecks and 2% of the price of goods from the gas station for every liter of any type of fuel. If payment is made by credit card, users earn 40 kopecks per liter and 1.5% of the product cost. Bonus points can be shared or left as tips for gas station staff.

Why Use KLO Loyalty Cards?


KLO gas stations have launched their loyalty card, accumulating points for users. This card helps save money by allowing the redemption of points for fuel and gas station products. The bonus program is called «Дяку YOU» and offers various benefits within the gas station network. The app is available for download on both Android and iOS.


How to Use the KLO Card?

1. Present the loyalty card to station staff when making any purchases at KLO gas stations.

2. Redeem bonus points for goods at KLO gas station stores. Payment for purchases with bonus points can be made in full or in part.

3. «Promo Code» is a unique 13-digit character combination or its graphical representation in the form of a barcode, granting the right to receive rewards as defined by the program rules.


Earning Bonuses

Fuel: 1 UAH = 1 Bonus.

Ventus Fuel: 1 UAH = 2 Bonuses.

Goods at KLO gas station stores: 1 UAH = 7 Bonuses.

Program partners: 1 UAH = 10 Bonuses.


Bonus Redemption Rate


1 Bonus = 1 Kopeck.

100 Bonuses = 1 UAH.


Accumulating Bonuses in the KLO App

The Дяку YOU card is available on smartphones, so whether you have a physical card or not doesn't matter. To enjoy all the program benefits, simply download the KLO app. The app offers fast registration, purchase history, a map of nearby KLO gas stations and essential services, notifications about ongoing promotions, and news.

Discount Activation Steps:

- Install the KLO app on your smartphone;

- Register for Дяку YOU;

- Refuel your car with a minimum of 20 liters and pay online with a Mastercard.


Registration without a Personal Number

To register for KLO, personal details including full name, date of birth, and phone number are typically required for new user identification. If you've lost your card, want to register multiple new profiles, or simply prefer not to provide personal information, it's recommended to purchase a virtual number.

A virtual number is essentially the same as a traditional physical SIM card, with the exception of significantly lower cost and quicker issuance time (the remaining time is indicated in the personal account on, and there is no need to enter personal information when making a purchase.


Buy a Virtual Number for KLO


1. Visit and register.

2. Click «Add Funds» and deposit the required amount.

3. Choose the country and mobile operator.

4. Search for «YouSystem» in your account.

5. Click «Get a Number».

6. Provide all required registration details on the chosen website.

7. Complete the registration after receiving the SMS.

With a virtual phone number, you can also register on WhatsAround, NovaPoshta, Getir, and more.