Getir – order the fastest possible delivery of the necessary goods

Getir is a grocery delivery service offering products from well-known brands within minutes. Customers can choose from over 1500 items, including fresh fruits and vegetables, essential household items, quick meal options, various delicacies, and snacks, among others.

Need something delicious for a late-night movie session? Forgot your charger at a friend's place? Running low on groceries for lunch? Simply order express delivery from Getir.

The word «Getir» translates from Turkish as «bring». The service was launched in Turkey in 2015, offering users exceptionally fast delivery of daily essentials. The cost of products during delivery is approximately 10% higher than regular supermarket prices, and an additional fee is charged for delivery services.


Where Does Getir Deliver?

Getir delivers groceries in European countries and recently expanded its services to the United States, including Chicago, New York, and Boston. Delivery is available in 34 cities in Turkey, 8 cities in the UK, 2 cities in Spain, 3 cities in the Netherlands, 2 cities in France, 1 city in Germany, and 1 city in Italy. The Getir app has been downloaded approximately 15 million times, with 3.5 million active users registered.


Advantages of Getir

- Fast and anytime delivery options;

- Purchase snacks, fresh meat, fruits, and vegetables from well-known brands;

- Stock up on everyday essentials, from medicines to pet food;

- No substitutes — buy everything in real-time, ensuring you get exactly what you ordered;

- Deliveries are made by couriers on electric bicycles or scooters;

- The app features current promotions, attractive offers, and various coupons.

Experience the joy of super-fast delivery by downloading the Getir app. Plus, you'll receive a discount on your first order — find all the details in the app!


Flexible Payment Options

You can make payment for the delivery in two ways: using a card or cash on delivery. Both credit and debit cards are accepted, which you can enter directly into the system. There's no need to link a wallet, and Getir ensures that your credit card information remains private.


Virtual Phone Number for Registration

If you're planning to download Getir without providing your personal number and revealing your contact details, a virtual phone number can be helpful. A virtual number functions similarly to a physical SIM card but at a lower cost and without the need to disclose personal information. This number is issued for a specific period, and the remaining time is displayed in your personal account.


Buy a virtual phone number


1. Visit You only need your email address for this step.

2. Top up your balance with the desired amount by clicking «Top Up Balance».

3. Choose the country and mobile operator.

4. Find «Getir» and click «Get Number».

5. Receive an SMS with the confirmation code on your virtual number.

Virtual phone numbers are mainly purchased to receive SMS verification codes for registration on various platforms, such as online stores, dating websites, and more. Using this number you can register any number of accounts on Paycell, Alfabank, Miloan, Betwinner and others.