Registration using a virtual number at Nova Poshta

NovaPoshta provides delivery services for both individuals and businesses. By the end of 2019, the NovaPoshta network had over 6,000 branches capable of processing 15 to 20 thousand shipments per hour.

Services offered by the NovaPoshta network


In addition to NovaPoshta, the network includes companies such as «NP Logistics» and «Post Finance». «NP Logistics» offers fulfillment services: you can store goods in warehouse facilities, assemble and dispatch them, schedule deliveries within specific time intervals, and handle redirection and re-routing. «Post Finance», a non-banking financial institution, allows for money transfers and electronic financial operations.


NovaPoshta Mobile Application

Download the mobile application to manage, track shipments, and create parcels. Registering in the application automatically enrolls you in the loyalty program: identity verification without documents, cashback to your bonus account, and bonuses for future shipments.


The application features


  • Notifications about parcels addressed to you in the «My Shipments» section.
  • Tracking: monitoring parcels by waybill number.
  • Creating parcels.
  • Using promo codes when creating parcels.
  • Payment for parcel delivery.
  • Requesting return of parcels without a call or written application.
  • Redirecting parcels to another address or branch.
  • Choosing the recipient's phone number from your address book.
  • Creating shipments with cash on delivery to a bank card.
  • Calculating delivery costs and time frames.
  • Requesting a courier visit.

In the application, you can also stay updated on the company's latest news, such as new or updated services and important announcements.


Virtual Phone Number for NovaPoshta Registration

For registration on various services, providing your phone number is a common requirement to receive an SMS verification code. But what if you need to register multiple accounts, or you simply don't want to disclose your personal information online to avoid unnecessary notifications or spam? In such cases, you can purchase a virtual phone number.

A virtual number is essentially the same as a physical SIM card, but without the need to provide your personal details or visit a store for purchase. The virtual number is issued for a specific period during which you can register on the required platform.


Buy a Virtual Phone Number


1. To purchase a number, visit, log in or complete a simple registration process (only an email address and password are required).

2. Click «Top Up Balance» in the menu and add funds using any convenient method.

3. Choose the desired country and operator.

4. Find «NovaPoshta» on the main page or through the search feature in your account.

5. Receive an SMS with the confirmation code and complete the registration on NovaPoshta.

A virtual number can also be used for registration on platforms like Venmo, Spaces ru,, and others. If you have any questions regarding payment, number rental, long-term collaboration, feel free to reach out to our chat – our specialists will respond as quickly as possible.