Thailand virtual numbers at the lowest price

Virtual numbers are used if you need one or more numbers in addition to your main number or if you do not want to use a personal number. Such numbers are very popular due to the fact that the cost is much less than for a regular physical SIM card, and it only takes 2-3 minutes to purchase a number. Virtual numbers are available for purchase on our website, and you can also choose numbers from different countries, including Thailand.

Advantages of virtual numbers


Using a Thailand virtual number, you can register on social media. networks, instant messengers, create another mailbox, use it for various services, etc.

These numbers can be used to receive one-time messages to maintain anonymity and without the need to buy another SIM card.

If you don’t want to enter your number online when creating a new profile in an application, or you just want to view a functional service and don’t know whether you will use it in the future, you can simply get a virtual number. Payment can also be made online.

The service is necessary so that you do not need to buy physical SIM cards, so that you can use the purchased Thailand virtual number without a SIM card. All information on the purchased number can be viewed in your personal account.


Classification of Virtual numbers

1. Disposable numbers. Such numbers are purchased in order to receive SMS once. The number is currently being issued. In your personal account you can view the remaining time for receiving SMS. The cost of most rooms starts from a few rubles. It will be impossible to use this number again.

2. Telephone numbers for long-term rent. If you need to receive SMS to the same number for a long time, you can get not only disposable numbers, but also rent a number. To do this, on the main page of our service, click the “Rent” button. The cost and rental time depend on which country and rental period you choose.


Thailand numbers for receiving SMS: how to get


To buy a virtual number, follow these steps:

1. If this is your first time visiting our website, click «Registration», then you need to fill out the field — you only need your email address, or immediately go to your personal account if you have already registered previously.

2. Then select «Top up balance» and select the option convenient for you — WebMoney, Payeer, Perfect Money, etc.

3. Select the desired country from the drop-down list. To quickly find the desired country, use the search bar.

4. In «Ordered numbers» you can view all the information on the purchased number: number, SMS, code, price.

5. Copy the received number and paste it into the application, messenger or social network when registering. This way you can create any number of new profiles on the necessary services, instant messengers, and applications.

On our website you can also purchase virtual numbers not only for Thailand, but also for Indonesia, England, Germany, register at MrQ Casino, Metro, etc. to receive bonus points and discounts that are provided when registering a new user. Any user can buy a virtual number on our website at a low price, and it usually takes no more than 2–4 minutes. For any questions, you can write to us in the chat.