Germany virtual numbers for registration

Virtual phone numbers are quite popular due to their simplicity and convenience. You can buy numbers from various countries, including Germany. These numbers are almost indistinguishable from regular physical SIM cards, but you don't need to provide personal information during registration, and the cost of the number is quite low.

Why Should Buy a Virtual Number


These numbers are purchased to register one or several accounts on a single service for business development (promotion), obtaining various discounts in stores, participating in welcome promotions, etc. They are also acquired for anonmous registration on various websites.

To create a new profile, you need to receive a verification SMS. Using regular physical SIM cards for such purposes is not always convenient and feasible because you would need many such cards. Moreover, constantly changing these SIM cards is inconvenient.

The most common need for a virtual number is to receive SMS verification codes. Virtual numbers for Germany look exactly like regular numbers, with the country code +49 at the beginning and the city code in the number.


Germany virtual numbers for receiving SMS

On our website, you can purchase a large number of virtual numbers for different countries (the list of countries is displayed not only on the main page but also in your account). You can rent a number for the period during which you will receive SMS verification codes. The rental period is specified in the dropdown list. You can view all the relevant information by clicking the «Rent» button. You can also buy a disposable number, to which only one SMS message will be sent for confirmation. This service costs much less compared to renting, but only one message for confirmation will be available.


How to Get Germany SMS Numbers


To purchase a virtual number, follow these instructions:

1. On your first visit to our website, click on «Registration», fill in the field – you only need to enter your email, or log in immediately if you have already registered.

2. Then you need to select «Top up balance» and choose a convenient option for you.

3. Choose the required country and then the mobile operator. Find Germany in the dropdown list. You can use the search bar for convenience.

4. Use the purchased number for registration. The number you bought will immediately appear in «Ordered Numbers».

5. Copy the selected number and paste it into the registration form. This way, you can create any number of accounts on the desired service.

The main reason for purchasing virtual numbers is to receive SMS. This way, you can register as many profiles as you need on various resources, social networks, and platforms. You can register using such a number on Ezbuy, Yalla, Hily, and others.

If you have any questions, including regarding cooperation, feel free to write to our chat – our managers will try to respond to you as quickly as possible.

Receiving SMS from Germany and other countries through our website is quite simple. Any user can buy a virtual number on our service at a low price, spending no more than 3-5 minutes on it.