Receiving SMS to UK numbers

The internet is constantly evolving, giving rise to numerous services, applications, and messengers. Almost everywhere, registration on various platforms requires personal information input, including full name, date of birth, country, and, most notably, your phone number. This can pose a threat to confidentiality and the security of personal data.

To avoid inconvenient situations, create an unlimited number of accounts on different platforms, and prevent spam on your personal number, you can use the service of purchasing a virtual number. You are not bound to a specific location, and it doesn't matter in which country, city, or region you are making calls or registering on various platforms. You can acquire numbers from different countries, including the United Kingdom.


Why you might need a virtual phone number in the UK

1. Business promotion on social networks: For example, if you need to attract more subscribers to your main page. On the website, you can purchase a virtual number and choose the desired service or messenger.

2. Getting SMS confirmation codes: The most common use case for purchasing such numbers is to receive SMS verification codes.

3. Registration on a new service: You've found a new service, but you don't want to immediately link your real number; instead, you want to explore the new application.

4. Trial period or receiving welcome bonuses and points: Using a physical SIM card, which you can usually buy in almost any shopping mall, is not always convenient for such purposes.


Classification of virtual numbers

1. One-time numbers: These are purchased to receive an SMS verification code once. You acquire the number for a specific period, and the remaining time for receiving SMS will be indicated in your account. Prices are affordable for any user. However, such a number cannot be used a second time.

2. Numbers available for long-term rent: To do this, simply go to our website, click on «Rent». The rental period and the price of the number depend on the chosen country. You can receive SMS on the number throughout the rental period.


Buy a virtual number for registration


1. If you have never visited before or are using a different browser, click on «Register», fill in your email address and create a password, confirming that you are not a robot.

2. The next step is to «Top up balance» and choose the most suitable option for you.

3. Choose the country and operator from the drop-down list. Locate the United Kingdom in the list of countries (on the main page or in your account).

4. Use the purchased number during registration. The number you purchased will immediately appear in «Ordered Numbers».

5. Enter the purchased number in the registration form on the platform. This way, you can create as many accounts on the required platforms as you need.

No need to go to stores or restaurants; you can order all household goods, electronics, and groceries in just a couple of minutes. Convenience also lies in the fact that everything can be paid online. With a virtual number in the UK, you can maintain confidentiality online and register an unlimited number of accounts.

On our website, you can also buy numbers for the Netherlands, Germany, Indonesia, and others. For any questions, feel free to reach out to us in the chat – we will try to respond as quickly as possible.