Canadian Virtual Numbers for Registration

Canada Virtual Numbers for SMS Reception — these are unique numbers with existing operator codes used to verify identity or contact details during registration on various platforms. Instead of using your personal number, you can use a virtual Canada number. This provides an additional level of privacy and security, including the ability to bypass geographical restrictions.

Why Use Canadian Virtual Numbers?


SMS is often used for user authentication online, allowing the creation of accounts in messengers, social networks, and confirming email addresses. A virtual number can also be used when registering for online food delivery services, payment systems, video platforms, and more.


Features of Canadian Virtual Numbers

1. Registration of Multiple Profiles. You can create as many accounts as needed, bypassing the limitation of one account per real phone number.

2. Privacy. Your personal information is protected from scammers, as you use a virtual Canadian number instead of your personal one.

3. Account Recovery. In case of issues with account access, you can easily create a new account and regain access to the service.

4. For Business Development. A virtual Canadian number is suitable for mass mailings, promoting accounts on social networks, placing advertisements.

5. Participation in Promotions. When registering with a virtual Canadian number, you can repeatedly become a «new customer» and take advantage of discounts, bonuses, and free delivery on various websites.

With a virtual number, you can create profiles in applications worldwide. On, you can buy a virtual phone number at any convenient time, using any device with internet access. Users can utilize virtual numbers to hide their real numbers during online registration on websites or when selling goods.


How to Buy a Canadian Virtual Number


1. Register on by clicking «Registration». You only need to provide your email address and password, or log in to your account if you're already registered.

2. Top up your balance: Go to «Top up balance» by clicking on your username and choose a convenient method of replenishment from the options provided.

3. Select the country and carrier: Choose Canada and the desired carrier to purchase a virtual number.

4. Select the service and click «Get Number».

5. In the «Ordered Numbers» section, you can view the list of purchased numbers and the duration they are provided.

6. Copy the received virtual number and use it for registration on the necessary platforms.

7. Copy the code from the received message and complete the registration.

In addition to purchasing, you can also rent virtual numbers. The rental cost depends on the chosen country and the duration for which you plan to use the number. To rent a number, go to the homepage, click on «Rent», select the country and rental period, then click «Rent Number».

On our website, temporary numbers are available not only for Canada but also for other countries such as Uzbekistan, France, Romania, and many more.