Purchase a Romanian Virtual Number for Receiving SMS

For affordable and inexpensive communication with Romania for business or staying in touch with friends and family, we recommend purchasing a Romanian virtual number. This is a number with the national code +40, designed for receiving SMS messages both within the country and abroad. You can connect a temporary number without using a physical SIM card for registration on any platform you're interested in without revealing your real phone number, thus fully protecting yourself from unwanted advertising.

Romanian virtual numbers are used in the following cases:


1. Registration on various websites, online stores, trading platforms where phone number verification is required. This allows users to maintain anonymity and avoid unwanted spam.

2. Maintaining confidentiality. Owning a mobile phone can compromise your privacy. People with the appropriate access can track your location and access your messages. By using temporary numbers, there is no connection between the provided SIM cards and you.

3. Bypassing territorial restrictions. Some foreign freelance platforms prohibit residents of Eastern European countries from creating work accounts. Registration on such platforms often requires providing a phone number. Users can create profiles by purchasing a virtual SIM card from another country.

4. Participating in promotions, giveaways, receiving bonuses. You can create an unlimited number of accounts, request SMS confirmations, and increase your chances of winning in giveaways, quizzes, and other events involving rewards. Some stores and services offer significant welcome bonuses to new users or provide discounts upon registration.


Buy a Romanian Virtual Number


1. Create an account on the website https://smsak.org/ (enter your email address and click «Confirm») or log in to your account if you already have one.

2. Click on your username and select «Top Up Balance».

3. Specify the desired top-up amount and choose a convenient payment method from the provided list on the website.

4. To purchase a virtual number, select Romania, then choose the service from the dropdown menu. Click «Get Number».

5. When registering on social networks, messengers, and other platforms, a phone number is usually required. Enter the received number from https://smsak.org/, and the SMS message will be delivered to your account on this website.


Using the SMS Activation Service

On the website https://smsak.org/, you can buy temporary virtual phone numbers for various countries, including Georgia, the Czech Republic, Lithuania, and many others. The purchased temporary numbers have local mobile operator codes. These numbers are not tied to the user's real location and do not change when the user's geolocation changes.

When using the service, a temporary number will be provided, which is active for an average of 30 minutes. If you need to receive messages on a number from a specific country for an extended period, we recommend renting a number. On the main page of our website, click «Rent», select the desired country, and the rental period. The cost of a temporary number depends on the chosen country and rental period.