Virtual numbers France for receiving SMS

Virtual numbers in France are an inexpensive and convenient way to stay connected from anywhere in the world. The uniqueness of this service lies in its ability to function even without a SIM card and without the need for additional devices. Thanks to these features, virtual numbers offer much greater mobility compared to purchasing local SIM cards from telecommunications providers.

Who might need virtual phone numbers in France?


Temporary numbers can be handy when traveling to other countries, providing access to various accounts (local shops, taxis, delivery services). They allow individuals to stay connected regardless of their location, providing flexibility and convenience in communication.

Virtual numbers also offer numerous benefits for businesses. They are acquired to confirm orders in online stores, ensuring the reliability and security of the purchasing process. Such numbers are purchased to enhance security within companies, helping prevent the leakage of personal information and maintain confidentiality.


Advantages of French virtual phone numbers

Using temporary numbers allows individuals to register profiles on various services and applications without revealing their personal numbers. Virtual numbers are purchased to bypass geographical restrictions when registering on different platforms. They have become an indispensable tool for ensuring privacy and increasing freedom in using various online services.

A virtual phone number can be purchased at any time using any internet-connected device. Users can conceal their real phone numbers during online registrations on websites or when selling goods and services. The process of acquiring a temporary number is simple and fast, requiring just a few clicks. This is especially convenient for mass account registrations.


Cost of virtual numbers in France

Virtual numbers are nearly indistinguishable from regular SIM cards, but SMS messages can be received on them for a specific duration. The price for most services on our website starts from a few rubles. The current prices for numbers can always be viewed on the homepage.

At, you can buy a disposable temporary number or rent a number for an extended period. On the homepage, click «Rent», choose the country and rental period from the dropdown list.

A virtual SMS number for France is designed solely for receiving and sending messages. All information about the issued numbers can be viewed in the user account.


Buy a virtual number in France


1. Visit and register. Simply enter your email address. If you are already registered, you can proceed to your user account.

2. Select «Top up balance» and deposit the required amount using your preferred method.

3. Choose the country and desired service from the dropdown list.

4. In the «Ordered Numbers» section, you can view all information about the purchased number.

5. Copy the purchased number for the selected service to receive SMS messages.

6. Complete the registration of your new profile.

With a temporary number, you can register an unlimited number of profiles to receive welcome bonuses, participate in promotions, and maintain online privacy. On our website, you can also buy temporary numbers not only for France but also for Romania, Georgia, Lithuania, and other countries.