Participation in LD Info com promotions, receiving SMS notifications

LD Info com — this website provides information about new promotions and special offers in the company. The company pursues an active marketing policy. To participate in the ongoing promotions, registration on the website is required, along with providing your phone number to receive SMS notifications.

The essence of the competition


During LD company's drawings, significant cash prizes or cars are offered as main prizes. Typically, participants who send the most codes from the brand's packages during the promotion period are the winners. Participants who do not win the main prize might receive an incentive gift (usually in the form of amounts up to several thousand rubles).


Customer Attraction Promotions

On www LD Info com, you can view information about ongoing promotions and participate in the loyalty program. Like other companies, LD invites customers to participate in the loyalty program, motivating them to make more purchases. Depending on the purchase amount, bonus points are awarded. Thus, regular customers usually recommend the company, reducing costs for finding and retaining new customers.


What Do LD Info SMS Messages Mean?

SMS messages sent by the service are regular notifications from the organization. SMS content may include:

- Notifications about new promotions (usually specifying the start date and details of the promotion);

- Information about awarded points, points balance, and other progress updates;

- Notifications about winnings.


Registration Without a Personal Number

To participate in various programs and drawings on the website www LD Info com, registration is required. During registration, a considerable amount of personal data, including your phone number, needs to be provided. This confirms that the phone number belongs to you and verifies the user's identity.

f you prefer not to disclose your personal number (to maintain anonymity or create multiple profiles), it is recommended to purchase a virtual number. Virtual numbers are almost identical to regular numbers, except they are issued for a specific period and cost much less. No personal data is needed to purchase them. All information about the acquired number can be viewed in your account.


Buy a Virtual Number for LD Info


1. Website Registration: Register on or directly access your account if you are already registered.

2. Add Balance: Click «Add Funds» and enter the desired amount for the purchase.

3. Select Country and Mobile Operator: Choose the country from the dropdown list and the mobile operator.

4. Find «LD Info» and Click «Get Number».

5. Receive SMS and Complete Registration: After selecting the number, you will receive an SMS with the necessary details to complete the registration process.

LD Info SMS notifications inform customers about the dates of drawings or winnings in past draws. This way, you can stay informed about company events and activities through these notifications.

Most numbers on our website start at a cost of 1 or a few rubles. Virtual numbers for receiving SMS can also be used for registration on Jiayuan, BitClout, Mannabase, etc. Additionally, our website offers long-term rental options for virtual numbers. The rental cost depends on the selected country and rental period. To purchase a number, click the «Rent» button on the main page, select the country, and rental period.