Universal cryptocurrency Mannabase

Operating since 2015, Manna describes itself as «the world’s first digital asset distributed on the principles of a universal basic income». The goal is to ensure greater decentralization and wider dissemination of activity to more people.

Manna is a new cryptocurrency that provides a basic income option. All you need to do is download Manna and register to receive cryptocurrency equivalents.

Manna is the first publicly traded cryptocurrency based in Sydney. Currently, more than 90,000 people around the world receive Manna every week through the Mannabase.com web platform.


Cryptocurrency Manna

To receive coins, an ad is enough, just enter your email address and share the link. Mannabase.com is a social platform that rewards users for their participation, donates in a playful way, and begins to inspire meaningful connections.


How to use Manna?

You can send Manna to other users, or to exchanges where you can sell it for other cryptocurrencies. In addition, the service offers:

- payment in foreign currency manna for enterprises that are partners;

- Possibility to store Manna cryptocurrency in a debit card so that it can be used even by transfer companies that do not accept Manna or other digital currencies. It will simply need to accept major credit cards such as Visa;

- Possibility to buy gift cards for most institutions on partner websites;

is a system for targeted direct donations that allows users to donate cryptocurrency to a group of people based on factors such as geographic location, age, politics and economic status.


How to get Manna for free?

To obtain a free user account on this Mannabase service, you must register and enter all the required data on the site. Then log into your personal account, go to the green banner at the top of the toolbar — there will be a link to build the verification process.

In your account control panel, you will see your online wallet, which will be credited with the Universal Basic Income (UBI) in the Manna cryptocurrency. This cryptocurrency is used every week as the main income for all verified users on an ongoing basis. The amount distributed is 3.5% of the money supply turnover per year.


Virtual phone number for registration

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Buy a virtual number


1. Go to the user account at https://smsak.org/ or register on our resource.

2. Top up your balance.

3. Then select your country and operator.

4. Find «Mannabase» and click «Get number».

5. Enter the code from SMS and complete registration.

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