Jiayuan - online dating without providing personal information

Jiayuan is the largest online dating application that confidently competes with other popular dating sites in terms of the number of registered and active users. Among the possible matching methods are options such as choosing by facial features, by location on the map, and by test results. Thanks to the service's functionality, geographical location restrictions are also lifted.

Why is Jiayuan so popular?


There are over 1.7 billion registered users on Jiayuan.com. It's a place where you can search for and find new connections or even your significant other. Download the app to start your own journey.

The Jiayuan mobile app allows singles to continue searching for new connections on the go wherever there is phone coverage. With missed connection settings, you can see which service participants you have encountered during the day.

With exciting and efficient app features, voice chats, and online map searches, you can look for new connections anywhere and anytime!


Features and advantages of the Jiayuan app

The instant chat feature allows users to initiate immediate online conversations with their matches. The app is convenient as it provides notifications for quick interaction with your matches. Features include searching for online users, new registrations, users nearby, users from the same hometown, various search metrics, and more.

The gifting system allows users to send, collect, and purchase gifts. A sincere postscript along with gifts will bring you the perfect match. Users can subscribe to junior membership for 30 yuan per month within the app, which will automatically renew each month. If you want to cancel automatic renewal, cancel it in your account at least one day in advance.


How to install Jiayuan

1. Find the Jiayuan app on the App Store or Google Play.

2. After downloading Jiayuan, you will see the «Install» button on the right. Click on it to start the actual app installation.

3. After the installation is complete, click «Open». The app icon will automatically be added to the main screen of your device.


How to register without a personal number

To start using the app, download it from the App Store or Google Play, and during registration, enter your details, including full name, date of birth, and phone number. If you want to restore access to your profile, create several new accounts, or simply maintain anonymity online, it is recommended to buy a virtual number.

With a virtual number at a minimal cost (on our website, the cost of numbers starts from a few rubles), you can register as many accounts as you need. This way, you won't have to buy a new physical SIM card every time and enter personal information.


Buy a virtual number for Jiayuan


1. Go to https://smsak.org/ and register (only an email is needed, and create a password) or log in directly to your account.

2. Click «Top up balance» and then add funds.

3. Choose the desired country and mobile operator.

4. Find «Jiayuan» on the main page or in your account.

5. Click «Get a number».

6. Provide all the required data for registration in the app.

7. After receiving the SMS, complete the registration.

With a virtual phone number, you can also register on BitClout, Tantan, Skype, etc. A virtual phone number can be purchased only for a specified period. All information about the taken numbers is displayed in the personal account.