Spaces ru - exchange photos and videos, make new acquaintances is a mobile social network designed for smartphone users. The application offers all the necessary features and is as convenient as using it on a PC. Features


1. Access to all essential social network features.

2. Search and download MP3 files on Spaces. There's a convenient search bar to easily find what you need.

3. Chat for messaging and new connections, including popular emojis, stickers, and file exchange capabilities.

4. Maintain a personal diary online, recording various events, meeting dates, and more. There's also a special menu for making new acquaintances—finding the right person is easy with the search function.


Other Features


Upload and share photos and videos within the application. Videos can be viewed only after they are fully uploaded.

Create your own communities with moderation options. Although the app's functionality is slightly reduced compared to the website, there are still plenty of opportunities to send files and communicate with friends. is well-optimized, even on non-flagship smartphones, ensuring high loading speeds and user-friendly navigation.


Application Highlights

1. Find specific people you are looking for.

2. Create your own communities.

3. Upload photos and videos.

4. Communicate in the built-in chat with friends and acquaintances.

5. Maintain an online diary to record events.


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