Sweet TV by virtual number

Viewing high-quality media content online for free, as in the case of Sweet TV, is possible. Sweet.tv is a TV provider offering over 100 channels, broadcast archives, the ability to watch content on various devices, discounts, and bonuses.

SWEET.TV is a modern online TV application that embodies popular television developments. During the activation of the trial period, there is an excellent opportunity to watch a large number of different channels for free, including in HD quality.


Advantages of the service

Contracts have been signed with all rights holders. Channels do not disappear; they are consistently included in the program service. They may disappear in the event of contract termination or voluntary closure.

The legality of the service allows official access to all major platforms and app stores. In addition, among the advantages are:

- Wide selection of tariff plans.

- The first week of usage is in trial mode and is free.

- Ability to control the broadcast schedule.

- HD quality.

- Connection of up to 5 devices for one price.

- Daily updates in the Cinema section.

- Ability to download movies to a smartphone or tablet for offline viewing.

- Frequent promotions for subscribers.

- Ability to create a personalized favorites list.

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How to Install and Connect Sweet.tv on a TV?

The application has a wide range of functionalities and can be set up on any smart TV, smart set-top box, and even smartphones or tablets in a matter of seconds. To install, simply open the official SWEET.TV net website or enter the corresponding name in the Play Market (App Store), download and activate the application. After that, you can choose the terms of the trial mode (if you are a new user). The action of the free mode is 7 days without payment.

They may also call you to offer a tariff at a promotional price, but they won't bother you further. To start watching TV for a minimal amount for a month, you need to link your payment card.


Buy an account at a minimal price

To register, you need to purchase a virtual number. This helps maintain anonymity on the internet and avoids unnecessary disclosure of personal information. It also allows you to boost main accounts and promote your business most effectively.


Instructions for purchasing virtual numbers


1. Register a profile on https://smsak.org/.

2. Pay the required amount for the virtual phone number.

3. Choose «SWEET.TV» and click «Get Number».

4. The number is purchased. Next, enter the required information on the website or in the application.

5. Click on the «Get Code via SMS» button.

6. Enter the code from the SMS.

7. The creation of a new profile is completed.

This way, you can register an unlimited number of accounts to receive welcome bonuses and take advantage of special offers. The only condition is that each new registration requires the purchase of a new virtual number, but in any case, using our service will be cheaper than buying a new physical SIM card.