Registering OlaCabs Taxi with Virtual Numbers

OlaCabs is a well-known taxi service in India, resembling the global Uber platform in terms of functionality. However, it comes with unique features adapted to local conditions. Taxi booking in Ola is done through the mobile application, and payments can be made in cash, through a bank card, or via a payment system. Additionally, discounts are offered.

In Ola Cabs, users can choose the type of vehicle that suits their needs, including premium services or more economical options. Now, preferences for a trip can be easily customized with just a tap. OlaCabs' app features a catalog of drivers, allowing users to select the best ones and leave reviews to assist others in making informed choices before a trip.


Among the new features of OlaCabs

1. The option to book ride-shares, offering significant savings on trips.

2. The ability to summon a motorcycle with a driver.

3. The option to order auto-rickshaws at a more affordable price than regular taxis.

4. Taxi rental on an hourly or daily basis for personal needs.

To register in the app, mobile number confirmation is required. In case of account blockage or the need for an additional account, users can utilize a virtual number. These numbers are provided to the user for a limited time, sufficient for completing SMS activation.

On our website, you can purchase a virtual number for Olacabs, allowing you to register a profile without using a physical SIM card. In addition to Ola activation through SMS, we offer the option to purchase virtual numbers for almost any popular online service on the internet.


Convenient OlaCabs App for Drivers

Ola Partner provides flexibility in work schedules. With no strict timetable, you can earn whenever it suits you. To increase earnings, the app's map can be used to locate power zones or areas with high demand for taxi services.

Ola Partner aims to provide a simple way to earn money, offering attractive starting conditions upon registration. Additional payment is also available for referring new participants. Drivers can track their income in real-time through the app.

To get started, download the Ola Partner app, fill in the required information, and provide necessary documents, including a driver's license and vehicle registration. After this, the app will notify you when you are ready to start your trip. Ola Partner has a simple, intuitive design for maximum ease of use.


Buy a Virtual Number for Olacabs


To acquire a virtual number for Olacabs, follow these instructions:

1. Go to the website and complete instant registration.

2. Navigate to the «Add Balance» section and deposit the required amount using the chosen method.

3. Select the country and operator from the drop-down list.

4. Find «Olacabs» on the main page or in the «Ordered Numbers» section and click «Get Number».

5. Receive and copy the SMS code to complete the registration on the chosen platform.

Now you have a full-fledged account in the taxi service, registered without using a personal phone number. Additionally, our website offers temporary numbers for Gett, Lyft, GrabTaxi, and other similar services.