Lyft is an affordable taxi service for solo or shared rides

Lyft is a platform specifically designed to connect drivers with individuals and organizations in need of transportation services. The company providing such services is private and based in California. The app assists users in finding drivers willing to provide rides at reasonable prices.

More about Lyft Taxi


The taxi app is available for download for regular users on both Android and iOS platforms, i.e., on Google Play and the App Store, respectively. To avail oneself of the service, one needs to select a destination, find a corresponding offer, and make payment directly within the app. For drivers downloading the app, entering «Lyft driver» in the search bar is sufficient.

When booking a car, you can preview your route and the trip's cost in advance. The service offers options such as individual or shared rides, «Bikes and Scooters», «Lyft XL», «Lyft Lux», «Transit», or even «Rentals». Check the current prices to make your rides more cost-effective.


Advantages of Lyft

1. Use discount codes. Such codes are regularly published on Google for free rides or rides with significant discounts. Additionally, if you refer your friends to register in the app, you can also earn free rides.

2. Subscribe to reward programs for regular users. For each Lyft taxi ride, you earn miles. Link your Delta account and participating credit card with your Lyft account, and you're all set.

3. Track your earnings and expenses. When traveling for business or using the app for shared rides, you get an excellent opportunity to consolidate your expenses and receipts in one place for future review upon returning to the office.


Virtual Phone Number for Registration

Most services, stores, and various apps usually offer welcome bonuses or accrue an increased number of points upon initial registration. However, these bonuses and points are typically credited to only one number—the one used to register the account. To regularly take advantage of favorable offers, you can register a new account using a virtual phone number.

A virtual number is practically the same as a regular SIM card. Such a number may be needed not only for receiving bonuses but also in situations where providing a personal number is undesirable (maintaining anonymity online, registering on dating sites, creating accounts for business promotion, etc.).


Buy a virtual number for Lyft taxi


1. Go to and register (you only need to enter your email address, enter and enter your password).

2. Top up your balance with the desired amount.

3. Next, select your country and operator representative.

4. Find «Lyft» and click «Get a number».

5. Receive an SMS to the harvest number.

Registering a new account may happen if you don't know if you will be using the application in the future or if you will just go to another country, go to the command line location. On our website you can get virtual numbers for registration in other taxi services (GrabTaxi, NextApp, etc.). You can also get numbers for kick sharing (Urent, Whoosh) from us if you often rent scooters.