Registering a Sony account using a virtual number

Sony Entertainment Network is a digital media delivery service (video, games, television and movies). In 2015 the name was changed to PlayStation Network.

Playstation Network is a service that allows Playstation game consoles to communicate with and between various Playstation services. The network provides system updates, patch downloads, and other system downloads.

Benefits of PS Plus


To fully enjoy PlayStation Network, we recommend purchasing a PS Plus subscription. Purchasing a subscription (applies to all consoles that control one account) allows you to unlock the full potential of the console. Subscriptions can be taken for a period of three to twelve months.

Benefits of purchasing a subscription:

- providing copies of additional discounts when purchasing games and add-ons;

- ability to download demo versions of the game;

- you get 2 games for free 2 times a month;

- play online with users from all over the world;

- provide preferences and a large number of discounts;

- integration with specific Playstation services.


Sony account registration

You must create an account in order to be able to use PlayStation Network services. It's free to create an account and doesn't require you to enter any payment information.

How to login:

1. Enabling authentication in 2 stages.

A two-step verification process further secures your profile information—every time you enter your login password, you must also enter a verification code that is sent to your phone.

2. Login to your account, activation after authentication in 2 stages.

Once 2-step authentication has been enabled, enter your password and login ID (email address), as well as the verification code when logging into your account.

After creating an account, you will be able to learn about news and special offers, participate in discussions in communities, and receive tips and recommendations.


Virtual phone number for registration

In some cases, you may accidentally register several new profiles or create an account simply to view the functionality of the service, convenient use, etc. To check your registration, you must indicate the phone number to which you will receive an SMS indicating the code. In this case, you can use a service such as purchasing a virtual number.

A virtual number is actually a regular SIM card, which can be obtained by registering using such a number in the desired application. This way you can register as many accounts as you need.


Buy a virtual number


1. Go to directly to your personal account or register — enter your email address. Email and create a password.

2. Click «Top up balance» and enter the amount required for the purchase.

3. Independence of the country and local operator.

4. Find «Sony» and click «Get number». Use the search engine in your personal account or select a number on the main page.

5. Enter the code from SMS to complete Sony registration.

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