Bumble – dating and communication app

Bumble is a dating app where girls message first. Using this service you can meet new people and find friends. The uniqueness of the application is that if there is sympathy between a couple that is interdependent, the girl has 24 hours to write a message to the guy, otherwise the sympathy will then be unavailable.

Making new acquaintances has now become even easier. The main goal of the application is to make online communication as respectful as possible, i.e. communication is taken to a new level without any conventional stereotypes. That's why millions of people use this service—more than 100 million people are already registered on Bumble.


Dating and friends on the dating app Bumble

It might seem like Bumble is just like other dating apps: users swipe right on photos of people they've chosen, and if they match, they start chatting.

But the application in this case is different in that the girl is always the initiator, and it is she who must write the first message if the likes coincide. If the girl does not dare to write, Match will disappear after 24 hours. If the girl nevertheless decides to start communicating, the man also has only a day to respond.


Why you should download the Bumble app

The service provides many more opportunities than regular correspondence with the goal of making a new acquaintance, so you can communicate in such modes as:

1. Date: Women take the initiative and start first, which radically changes the rules of dating, which are already outdated. The main thing is to treat other participants with respect.

2. Best Friends: Make new friends when you head to other cities or want to expand your social circle.

3. Bumble is the first app that lets you find new friends and act on one platform.

The application can be downloaded on both Android and iOS and is free to use. In addition, here you can additionally sign up for Bumble Boost, and there are also services that can be paid for with BumbleCoins.


Virtual phone number for registration

The application is available for download via GooglePlay or AppStore. After downloading, you must go through a temporary registration procedure, i.e. indicate your phone number to which a new account will be assigned, full name and other information about yourself. However, there are situations when you need to create several profiles at the same time or you simply don’t feel like you are maintaining your personal number. In this case, you can use a virtual number.

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Buy a virtual number


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3. Independence of the country and local operator.

4. Find «Bumble» and click «Get a number». Use the search engine in the left column in your personal account or select the number on the main page.

5. Enter the code from SMS to complete your Bumble registration.

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