Welcome bonuses and discounts at Perekrestok

X5 Group emerged from the entrepreneurial initiative of a modern-format retail organization in Russia, considering the best global retail practices.

Discounts Available

The company aims to tailor offers, taking individual preferences into account. For example, if a consumer consistently purchases a specific brand of milk, the retail network is ready to offer them the opportunity to buy this product with a discount, expressed in «Perekrestok Club» points, up to 25%. Additionally, the seller is willing to offer a complementary product with the same discount. Information about such special offers can be received via SMS, email, or an additional receipt.

Moreover, each loyalty program participant may accrue five times more points for purchasing favorite products in a category they choose either through their personal account or by phone through the hotline.


Promotions, Promo Codes, and Gifts for Regular Customers

The online hypermarket features over 500 products at advantageous prices daily. Regular customers receive personal discounts, pleasant bonuses, and gifts—both for holidays and just because. Using the bonus card is sufficient for accruing bonuses.


«Perekrestok Club» Points

The customer loyalty card also operates in the online hypermarket «Perekrestok Vprok». Accumulate points, pay with them, and use them to purchase goods and services.


Why Might You Need a Virtual Number for Registration?

Several user categories may need to buy a virtual phone number:

1. People using various programs for boosting (likes, subscribers, votes, etc.). To carry out their activities, these individuals need a large number of bots, and a virtual number can help them promote profiles at a minimal cost.

2. Those who buy numbers to place various ads on sites like Avito.

3. Users who track discounts and bonuses for their first purchase and don't want to provide their personal data online. Alternatively, those who already have bonus cards but the store is currently offering a good discount during registration.


How to Get Discounts in the Store and When Placing Orders


To start, purchase a virtual phone number. We have provided a detailed instruction with screenshots:

1. Register a profile on https://smsak.org/.

2. Go to the «Payment» section and top up your balance.

3. On the homepage or in the personal account, find the virtual number you need and click on it. The number is available for your use only for the time specified in the personal account.

Now proceed with the store's registration:

1. Go to the service's homepage, then click «Log In».

2. Enter the purchased number and click «Get Code».

3. Enter the SMS code.

4. The creation of the new profile is complete.

Now you can enjoy welcome bonuses, discounts, and promo codes. The only condition is that to register a new account, you need to purchase a new virtual number. However, for a symbolic amount of 1 ruble, you can buy a large number of profiles. Virtual numbers can also be used to register in Yandex.Eda, Ozon, Burger King, and more.