Register Ozon using a virtual number

Ozon is one of the largest online marketplaces, offering a vast array of products across different categories. Free delivery is available for orders over a certain amount, and the scalability of the online business makes it easy to expand. If you have a compelling offer, customers quickly become aware of your brand and turn into loyal clients.

Registering a Second Profile


Do you need to register another profile on Ozon? Creating a new account might be necessary to benefit from first-order discounts, welcome bonuses, or to boost primary accounts, especially if you're a business owner. Registering requires providing a phone number, and purchasing new physical SIM cards can be costly. The service offers virtual numbers for Ozon registration starting from 1 ruble. This way, you can acquire as many virtual numbers as needed, with the only condition being a new virtual number for each new account registration.


Buy an Account at the Minimum Price


To complete the registration, you need to purchase a virtual number. These numbers are used to maintain online anonymity, avoid providing personal information, and efficiently promote primary accounts for business purposes. Here's a detailed guide on how to proceed:

1. Register a profile on

2. Pay the required amount for the virtual number.

3. Choose «Ozon» and click «Get Number».

4. The number is purchased. Next, provide the required information in the corresponding fields on the website or app.

5. Click on «Get code via SMS».

6. Enter the code from the SMS.

7. The creation of the new profile is complete.

Consumer Rights

Consumer rights apply to all stores regardless of their location or scale of operation, whether a small retail outlet or a well-known online marketplace. In case of product defects or unsuitability, consumers have the right to product replacement or a refund.


How to Cancel a Paid Order on Ozon

If the order has not yet entered the «Shippe»d status, you can cancel it in the Orders section. Click the cancel button on the order page. Choose the items you want to return, or cancel the entire order. Specify the reason for cancellation. In the pop-up window, proceed with deleting the product. You can also reach out to support chat or make a free call using the numbers provided on the website.


Refund of Funds and Reward Points

After a consumer rejects the ordered product, a decision needs to be made on the preferred method for receiving a refund. There are two options. The refund can be made to a bank card after the order is canceled. Alternatively, the refund can be credited to the personal account on the online store, which can be used for future orders.


Refund for Canceled Orders

Ozon treats its customers with great loyalty. If an order is canceled, the paid funds must be refunded. The system freezes the money on the card for six hours after the order is placed, but no deduction occurs during this period. Afterward, the money is immediately debited. Refunds for canceled orders are processed within a few working days (72 hours). If the funds do not arrive promptly, contact your bank. You can also explore our article on registering with Naver for additional insights.