Registering a Burger King account using a virtual number

Burger King, a global network of establishments, is popular worldwide and offers the option of food delivery. To avail this service, having an account in the system is necessary.

Every day, over eleven million visitors come to Burger King establishments worldwide. The fast-food enterprise encourages customers who place online orders by awarding bonus points for each delivery. These accumulated points can be used later to pay for new orders.

Visitor Bonuses


Free burgers are only available to members of the loyalty program, participation in which is impossible without registering in the official Burger King mobile application. Therefore, it's advisable to download it to your phone first. Special coupons provided exclusively through the mobile app offer even more advantageous deals, allowing users to purchase additional items. The Burger King app is available for both iPhone and Android devices.


How to Get a Free Burger

Need an account for Burger King? Various services and platforms that deal with account trading offer such a service. However, purchasing a ready-made account is not the only option; registration can be done independently. For this, profile confirmation with an SMS code sent to the phone is required. Purchasing a new SIM card for registration every time can be expensive and time-consuming. Registering is much easier and cheaper using a virtual number.


Buying a Ready-Made Account or Registering Independently?

The internet is full of resources selling accounts, but this method has its drawbacks:

1. Security: No one can guarantee that the profile was not sold to another user before. Additional time is needed to change passwords.

2. Reliability: In most cases, registration involves the use of a program. Bots are detectable, so there is a high probability of such an account being banned.

3. Prices: The cost of such profiles can be quite high, just like empty profiles.

Considering these drawbacks, independent registration becomes the optimal choice. To avoid providing personal information or registering numerous profiles, simply purchase a virtual number starting from 1 ruble on the service. This registration is the same as providing your own number, so there's no reason for the administration to ban the profile.


How to Buy an Account at the Minimum Price


To go through the registration process, you need to buy a virtual number. These are used to maintain anonymity online and avoid providing personal details. Here's a detailed instruction on how to do it.


Instructions for Buying Virtual Numbers


1. Register a profile on

2. Pay the required amount for the virtual number.

3. Select «Burger King» and click «Get Number».

4. The number is purchased. In the subsequent windows on the official Burger King website or app, enter all the necessary data that will be requested.

5. Click on «Get Code via SMS».

6. Enter the code from the SMS.

7. The new profile is created.

There you go! You have completed the registration using a virtual number. This method can also be used for registration in other services, messengers, and trading platforms. You can also read our article on registering with a virtual number in McDonald's.