Portugal — Receiving SMS on Virtual Numbers

A Portuguese virtual number with the +351 area code is a number acquired by users for a specific period. It's used, for instance, for services requiring a phone number. This number functions as a regular phone number and isn't tied to any physical SIM card or specific device. Virtual numbers allow receiving SMS messages, and accounts registered using them don't raise suspicions from platform administrators.

For what a Portuguese Virtual Number


1. Registrations: On various services such as food delivery or loyalty programs, enabling registration with different numbers for additional bonuses.

2. Sales: Useful for communication with buyers when selling items online, allowing closure of the number after a transaction to avoid unwanted calls.

3. Travel: Handy for travel needs like ordering local taxis or verifying messengers in a specific country.

4. Anonymity: When registering on social networks or dating websites, using a virtual number helps maintain anonymity.

5. International Mobile Usage: Virtual numbers for SMS can be useful if you need to interact with local services, especially if access is restricted in your country.

6. Bypassing Restrictions: Certain services, including cryptocurrency exchanges, might restrict residents of specific countries from creating accounts. A virtual number allows account creation from anywhere globally.


Differences Between a Portuguese Virtual Number and a Regular Number

A virtual number for receiving SMS offers several advantages over ordinary SIM cards.

Privacy: Virtual numbers enable anonymous registration on websites requiring number verification.

Device Independence: They can be used on various devices, including smartphones, tablets, and computers, without requiring a physical SIM card transfer.

Internet-Based: Virtual numbers only require internet access, allowing SMS reception from anywhere globally.

Cost-Effective: Prices for these numbers typically start from a few units of your currency, making them cheaper than regular SIM cards.


How to Buy a Virtual Number Portugal


1. If you're an existing user, log into your account on https://smsak.org/. If you're a new user, start with registration, requiring only your email address.

2. Upon logging in, navigate to «Pay to Balance». Choose a convenient payment method from the provided options by clicking on your username.

3. Specify the country and network operator for which you need a virtual number.

4. After selection, click «Get Number». This action provides you with a virtual number specifically designated for the chosen service.

5. In the «Ordered Numbers» section, you'll see a list of the received numbers and their corresponding availability duration.

6. Copy the obtained virtual number and use it during the registration process on your desired platform.

7. When you receive an SMS with a confirmation code, copy the code and complete the registration process on the respective platform.

Additionally, https://smsak.org/ offers temporary numbers for various other countries, including Ukraine, Austria, France, and many more. Within minutes, you can easily complete SMS activations on the required platforms using these services.