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PMSM or Philip Morris Sales and Marketing LLC is an international tobacco company that produces tobacco products under the Marlboro, Parliament, and Bond brands. In Russia, Philip Morris has 2 full-cycle production facilities located in the Leningrad region and Krasnodar Krai.

Smokeless Tobacco Heating Systems


Philip Morris aims to encourage customers to switch to products that pose less harm to health compared to regular tobacco products. PMSM manufactures innovative products with the potential to reduce the risks associated with smoking. In 2015, a new product under the IQOS brand was introduced to the Russian market as an innovation.


PMSM News and New Releases

According to PMI Philip Morris data, 3 million customers in Russia use tobacco heating systems. The organization implements an active marketing policy using digital communications, content marketing, and new communication channels: services are now available on the website, users are informed via SMS and email newsletters, and there are Viber channels.

For IQOS, PMSM employees have developed a chatbot (for Telegram) that serves as customer support, an online store, and a news blog.


Purchases, Trade-Ins, Points of Sale for Smokeless Tobacco Heating Systems

Users of the chatbot can choose devices, configurations, place orders, select payment methods, and check delivery times. Users can select their city, which determines the delivery method.

The bot is integrated with the ability to determine the nearest points of sale based on the user's location, each with its set of tags indicating where to buy products, where to get them repaired, and where trade-ins are available. Users can send their location to the bot, which will show the nearest points and provide a route.


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