Telegram registration without phone number

Social networks are continually tightening the rules for advertising registration. Phone numbers are often banned, and acquiring a new SIM card each time is costly and time-consuming.

Using a virtual mobile number allows for remote registration on any social network or messenger. With such a number, you can create an unlimited number of accounts. This is not only convenient but also more cost-effective than buying a new SIM card.

There are several effective methods for obtaining a confirmation code without using a physical SIM card.


Method #1


Register Telegram with a virtual number.

This method has several advantages:

- Cost savings: Purchasing a virtual number is much cheaper than buying a physical SIM card;

- Opportunities: You can create an unlimited number of accounts;

- No need for a phone or SIM card.

One of the most popular services for selling virtual numbers is On this platform, you can buy a virtual number for registration for just a few rubles. Registration and purchasing such a number usually take 1-2 minutes on average.

Steps for obtaining virtual numbers:

1. Register on the platform.

2. Top up your account.

3. Choose the Telegram service.

4. From the provided list, select the country and number.

5. Purchase completed; now you can register your account.


Method #2


Creating a Telegram account using Skype.

You can create another one or several profiles on Telegram using Skype. However, the cost of this operation is approximately 6 euros, which is quite significant compared to a few rubles that can be paid with a specialized service. The phone in Skype is provided for a period of 1 month, but why need such a long period when you just need to receive one SMS?


Method #3


Using Android OS emulators.

This method is the most labor-intensive. First, the Next+ app and the BlueStacks app are downloaded. All of this can be done through a smartphone. Next+, and Telegram are downloaded and registered. Then, the country is selected, and «Get a Custom Number» is pressed. The phone number is created in Next+, and it is entered into Telegram. The messenger itself is opened through BlueStacks. After the number is written, a countdown starts. When the time is up, a call comes to the Next+ app, and a robot will say the confirmation code.

Is it possible to register a Telegram account without a phone number if you constantly need new accounts? provides virtual numbers for various purposes, including receiving calls and SMS messages, allowing you to stay in touch with friends and colleagues worldwide.


You can use a new account for any purpose within Telegram. You can create a channel, a group, engage in correspondence with friends, etc. An account registered with a virtual number is no different from a profile registered using a regular number.


With, you can create as many Telegram accounts as you need every day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.