OpenAI — registration with a virtual number and VPN

OpenAI is an application dedicated to advancing research in artificial intelligence, focusing on the development and promotion of Open Ai Chat AI. The core feature of OpenAI is its chatbot, which operates based on the cutting-edge technology of GPT Open Ai Chat.

Objectives and Purposes of OpenAI


OpenAI aims to enable people to communicate with artificial intelligence in a natural and intuitive way, akin to conversing with a human being. The chatbot comprehends and responds to a wide range of topics, making it a versatile tool for user assistance, education, and entertainment.

Besides serving as a virtual conversationalist, OpenAI has also made strides in areas such as machine learning, natural language processing, and robotics. Leveraging advanced methods like deep learning and reinforcement learning, OpenAI continues to evolve through AI, working towards a future where AI becomes an assistant in solving a wide array of tasks, enhancing our daily lives through Open Ai Chat.

Currently, some authors use the bot to gather material for their writings, programmers experiment with generating code, bartenders receive new cocktail recipes, fitness enthusiasts receive workout routines, and teachers access lesson plans, all courtesy of Open Ai Chat.


Bypassing Geographical Restrictions

Sanctions limiting the use of the application are imposed on users from Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Afghanistan, Venezuela, and Iran. To register, one must bypass regional restrictions, meaning the IP address should not belong to any of the mentioned countries. Account verification requires a phone number from a different country.

To register, you'll need:

1. VPN: To change your virtual location. We recommend using a paid VPN with the option to select IP addresses from various countries. A paid VPN ensures a more stable connection.

2. Virtual Number: To activate the created account, linking it to a mobile operator in the selected country. Virtual numbers from different countries can be purchased at for low prices, starting from a few rubles.


OpenAI Registration with VPN and Temporary Number

For authentication, select the country whose IP address you'll be using via VPN. The temporary number will also be linked to this country's mobile operator.

Connect to a VPN, visit the website. If you previously logged in from Russia or any of the aforementioned countries and provided an email, use a different one for registration.

Purchase a virtual number for OpenAI to complete the registration of your new profile. Buying a virtual number on our website typically takes 2-4 minutes, even if you've never purchased virtual numbers before.


Buy a Virtual Number for OpenAI


1. Visit and log in or register.

2. Click on your username and «Add Funds», enter the desired amount, and pay using any of the methods specified on the website.

3. Choose the country and operator from the dropdown list.

4. Find «OpenAI» through the search bar in your account or on the homepage.

5. Complete the registration on the chosen service by copying the SMS.

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