Purchase Adidas Clothing and Footwear with Discounts

Adidas clothing and footwear are suitable for sports, active leisure, walks, and shopping. The company utilizes modern innovations and production techniques to create practical apparel that maintains its original appearance even after numerous washes. Emphasis is placed on quality, comfort, style, and durability.

Adidas Loyalty Program and Discounts


To participate in the loyalty program, simply register on the website or in the app. After registration, you can see your accumulated points on the main page, corresponding to a specific level (Challenger, Playmaker, Game-changer, Icon). The discount percentage ranges from 5 to 20% depending on your level.

Special offers are available on the website's main page or in the app (icon on the left side of the feed). Discounts are applied automatically when you place an order. You will receive a notification, and the recalculated cost will be displayed during purchase. Coupons and promo codes have limited validity (or depend on a specific order amount).


Adidas App

The app allows you to search for Adidas Originals products, add items to your favorites, compare products, and place orders. Buy your favorite items without leaving your home, customize your news feed based on your preferences, receive newsletters about new arrivals, discounts, and sales, and pay for orders online. Now all information about your favorite brand is available on your smartphone or tablet.

App benefits include:

- Notifications about brand news;

- Be the first to know about discounts on products;

- Place and pay for orders in just a few minutes from your smartphone or tablet;

- Choose news based on your interests;

- Receive notifications about order status once the product is delivered.

Participants in the program receive special emails. This way, you can learn about ongoing promotions, exclusive sales, secret discounts, and other bonuses. Participants also periodically receive discount promo codes, allowing additional savings on purchases.


Registration Without a Personal Number

Register on the official Adidas website or download the app from Google Play or the App Store to benefit from points, bonuses, and discounts. Provide your name, date of birth, mobile number, and email address. Most websites and online stores request your details to send regular newsletters. If you wish to avoid such communications, we recommend purchasing a virtual number.

On our service, you can buy a virtual SMS number in just 2-4 minutes. These numbers differ from regular SIM cards as they are issued for a specific period, but they are much cheaper. A regular SIM card costs around 250 rubles on average, while a temporary phone number can be found for as low as 1 or a few rubles.


Buy a Virtual Number for Adidas


1. Visit https://smsak.org/ and register.

2. Click on the «Top up balance» menu item and pay the required amount.

3. Choose the country and mobile operator.

4. Find «Adidas» and click «Get a Number».

5. Receive an SMS and complete the registration.

Many companies offer attractive conditions for new customers, such as free delivery, discounts on the first order, and more. This means you can participate in promotions multiple times. Virtual SMS numbers can also be used for registration on Nike, eBay, Sportmaster, various social networks, dating sites, and bulletin boards.