Purse.io — a service for receiving discounts on orders on Amazon

Purse.io is a service that allows users to receive discounts when making purchases on Amazon. This is achieved through the interaction between buyers and earners who want to exchange their Amazon gift cards for Bitcoin. The service facilitates the exchange, where users can exchange the amounts on these cards for Bitcoin. Users can sell their gift cards for Bitcoin, usually at a discount ranging from 5% to 50%.

How the Service Works


The buyer places an order on the platform, specifying the desired discount. Purse.io pays the bill and takes the cryptocurrency if the buyer is satisfied with a 5% saving. For larger discounts, the service displays the order to owners of Amazon gift cards who don't know how to use them conventionally. One of them pays for the purchase, Purse.io transfers the bitcoins, and the items are shipped as intended.


Three Ways to Use Purse

1. Buy and Save: When placing an order for quick delivery, ensure the slider is set to 5% on the left for maximum savings. To increase the discount, move the slider to the right until an acceptable discount level is reached.

2. Wishlist Import: Add items to your Amazon wishlist (existing or new) and make sure the list is set to «public». Copy the wishlist URL, go to the Amazon wishlist, click «Send list to others», and copy the link.

3. Earning Tips: After processing a buyer's order, ensure you've provided all tracking numbers for each order ID. Give the buyer 24 hours to confirm the order. If there are changes in the order status, inform the buyer promptly about any important details.

You can place orders based on your current earning level, and as you successfully process more orders, the limits for placing orders will increase.


Virtual Phone Number for Registration

To register on the service, personal information, including a phone number, is required. In some cases, providing a personal number might be undesirable, especially if your account has been blocked or if you need to create multiple accounts. In such cases, you can use a virtual phone number.

Virtual numbers essentially replace physical SIM cards — you receive an SMS with the activation code and can register on the required platform. The difference is that such a number is purchased for a limited time, but it's much cheaper than a regular SIM card, and you don't need to provide your personal information for the purchase.


Buy a Virtual Number


1. Register on https://smsak.org/ and enter your email address, or log into your existing profile on the website.

2. Top up your balance by clicking the corresponding button. Enter the amount based on the number of numbers you need.

3. From the drop-down menu, select the country and mobile operator.

4. Then find «Purse.io» and click «Get Number». You can use the search bar for quick number retrieval.

5. Complete the registration on the website.

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