OffGamers - making international payments for developers and publishers

OffGamers is an online platform that offers gaming credits and top-ups to users. The platform serves over 3.5 million registered users from America, European, and Asian countries.

The company is committed to strengthening and improving its relationships with users to optimize the development of the gaming industry. The implementation of a profitable and reliable technological system for creating promising products and services allows for cost savings for users and increased profits for partners.


Advantages of

1. Continuous expansion of distribution and payment channels for both partners and buyers.

2. The ability to conduct international payments seamlessly for developers and publishers through a global platform that supports joint advertising campaigns.

3. A corporate strategy aimed at creating an ideal monetization platform for both developers, publishers, and gamers alike.

4. Support for more than 2000 games and assistance to over 1 million users. The company is a leader in the gaming industry, providing quality services at an affordable cost for players across various gaming platforms.

5. Registration on OffGamers can be done through Facebook, Google, Twitter, or email. However, providing your phone number is mandatory during the registration process.


Virtual Phone Number for Registration

To create accounts on various websites, internet portals, social networks, or make online purchases, you often need to provide a phone number, or if you're posting an advertisement. Using your primary number might lead to receiving spam or unwanted calls, but with a virtual number, this issue is avoided. You can register as many accounts as you need.

Buying a virtual number is much cheaper and more convenient than getting a physical SIM card. You don't need to go to a telecom store, show your ID, or input personal information. A virtual number functions like a regular SIM card but is provided to you instantly for a limited period. If necessary, you can rent a virtual number (the cost and duration depend on the rental period and the country you choose).


Buy a Virtual Number


A virtual number is issued temporarily and allows you to receive the confirmation code from OffGamers for registration and account activation. Virtual numbers from various mobile operators worldwide are available for purchase. Here's how to buy a virtual number:

1. If you haven't registered before, go to, click «Register», and fill in the required fields. If you've registered previously, simply log in to your profile.

2. In your profile, top up your balance with the required amount by clicking «Add funds».

3. Choose the country and mobile operator.

4. Find «OffGamers» and click «Get a number».

5. Receive the confirmation code for on your virtual number via SMS.

Now you have an OffGamers account. You can use a virtual number to register on any platform you need. If you have any questions about purchasing numbers or if you're interested in a long-term mutually beneficial collaboration, feel free to message us in the chat.