Exchange anonymous messages in the Yik Yak app

Yik Yak is a social network that allows users to connect with their local community, share news, jokes, and ask questions. The app uses geolocation to display messages only from users nearby, enabling participants to vote on posts to remove inappropriate content.

What is Yik Yak: More About The Application


Yik Yak is an anonymous messenger app, more akin to a game. Its popularity is largely due to the preservation of anonymity. Posts, referred to as «yaks», can be commented upon. User popularity is shown in their «Yakarma».

The app resembles an anonymous Twitter but with geographical limitations: an acceptable radius of about 1.5 km tied to your phone's GPS. If an author wants their post seen by more than 500 people, they have to pay from one to ten dollars depending on the audience size.


App Features

1. Yakarma: A score indicating a user's popularity within the app. Yakarma increases when others positively rate a user's yaks and decreases if they are negatively received.

2. Upvote/Downvote: Users can vote on others' yaks with «up» or «down» buttons. Yak popularity is determined by the number of «upvotes». If a yak receives too many «downvotes», it is removed from the app.

3. Peek: A feature allowing users to anonymously view Yik Yak communities in other locations. However, users cannot vote or comment.

4. Images: Users can add images to their yaks. Uploaded photos are moderated to prevent inappropriate or illegal content.

5. Hidden Features: If a message contains threats or insults, the app sends a warning to the user. If ignored, the message is flagged and removed during moderation.


Registration Without a Personal Number

To start using the app, download Yik Yak and register with your phone number, where you'll receive a confirmation code via SMS. If you're uncomfortable providing your personal number or for any other reason can't use it for registration, you can purchase a virtual number.

Virtual numbers are almost identical to regular SIM cards but are issued for a limited time and cost much less. Moreover, when buying a virtual number, you don't need to provide personal information. You can also use a virtual number if you're unsure about long-term app usage or just want to test its functionality.


Buy a Virtual Number for Yik Yak


1. Register on the website or log in to your existing account.

2. Top up your balance with the desired amount by clicking «Top Up Balance».

3. Choose the country and operator related to the service.

4. Find «Yik Yak» in the service list and click «Get Number».

5. Receive the SMS and complete the registration on the service.

Most of the numbers on our website start from 1 or a few rubles. Virtual numbers for SMS can also be used to register on Google Voice, BIGO LIVE, OpenAI, and more.