BIGO LIVE — registration, earnings, withdrawal of money

BIGO LIVE is a social network platform designed for live broadcasting, allowing users to share moments from their lives and showcase their talents. Users can make audio or video calls and host video conferences. People from various countries use this platform to connect with new friends.

In this social network, users can explore diverse content types. The application offers numerous filters that enhance live scenes whenever applied. Additionally, the platform features a matching function, enabling users to connect randomly with others for chats and subscriptions.

Distinctive Features of BIGO LIVE


1. Diverse Content Creators: The platform hosts actors, TV hosts, celebrities, and popular vloggers from around the world who conduct daily live broadcasts. Users can watch videos featuring their favorite personalities and even send gifts to show their support.

2. Large User Base: BIGO LIVE boasts over 20 million users from 150 countries worldwide. This extensive user base allows even novice bloggers to gain hundreds of followers.

3. Real-time Streaming: Host live video broadcasts from your smartphone for subscribers from different countries. The platform offers filters and stickers during live streams, allowing users to enhance their content visually. Users can improve the appearance of their content by adjusting lighting and other parameters.

4. Various Contests: The application frequently hosts online and offline contests where participants can win prizes, diamonds, and money.

5. Conversion of Beans to Real Money: Accumulate a minimum of 6700 beans in your account, and you can exchange them for real money.


Earning on BIGO LIVE

The primary revenue sources in the application are donations from subscribers and bonuses for the number of broadcasts and views. All earnings are converted into an internal currency called «Diamonds», which are used for gifts and rewards. Popular streamers typically earn between $300 to $3000 per month. Gifts can be withdrawn to a bank card.

During live broadcasts, viewers can send virtual gifts, which are converted into an equivalent number of beans and stored in the wallet. Once you accumulate a minimum of 6700 beans, go to your profile, click on «Wallet» -> «Beans» -> «Exchange Rewards», enter the withdrawal amount and your bank account, confirm the exchange, and click «Done».


Registration Without a Personal Number

During registration, provide your gender, date of birth, and a phone number. This number is necessary to verify your profile; you will receive an SMS with a verification code. For registering a second account, receiving welcome bonuses multiple times, or participating in contests, you'll need a new phone number. To avoid purchasing a physical SIM card, consider acquiring a virtual phone number. On our website, most temporary numbers cost only a few rubles, and all information about purchased numbers is available in your account, including the number, cost, and SMS history.


Buy a Virtual Number for BIGO LIVE


1. Visit and log in or register.

2. Click on your username and «Add Funds», enter the desired amount, and pay using any specified method.

3. Select the country and operator from the dropdown list.

4. Find «BIGO LIVE» through the search bar on your dashboard or the homepage.

5. Complete the registration process on the chosen service.

With a virtual SMS number, you can register on platforms like Azino888, Gett, MeetMe, and more. Purchasing a number typically takes 3 to 5 minutes. Additionally, you can rent a number for an extended period on our website (click «Rent» on the homepage). The cost of a rented number depends on the chosen country and rental duration.