Kicksharing Whoosh - profitable scooter rental

Whoosh Kicksharing is a service for renting electric scooters for 24 hours. This allows you to navigate the city quickly, without traffic jams, and with pleasure. The app was launched in 2021 and is gaining increasing popularity. Have you been wanting to ride an electric scooter? Then it's time to download the app!

Whoosh is a convenient service. To start using the service, simply download the app on your smartphone and go through a quick registration process. Renting Whoosh scooters usually takes no more than 2 minutes.

User Requirements


1. Only individuals who have reached the age of 18 are allowed to operate the scooter.

2. The user's weight should not exceed 100 kg, including clothing, shoes, bags, backpacks, etc.

3. Only one person is allowed on the scooter at a time. This is not only a safety violation but also can lead to damage during the ride, as most scooters are not designed for weights exceeding 100 kg. Overloading may cause malfunctions during the trip.

Note that the latest versions of electric scooters do not require any attachments. These scooters are equipped with various sensors that allow tracking their location and informing the service in case of any unusual situation (e.g., if someone tries to steal the scooter). You can rent up to 3 scooters simultaneously through the app.


Smartphone Requirements

During the trip, monitor your smartphone's battery level. If your phone turns off, you won't be able to end the trip, leading to increased costs. To ensure the proper functioning of the app, provide access to GPS and the smartphone's camera.


Whoosh Promo Code


Discount codes for per-minute rental of electric scooters are provided to all customers. Simply enter SUPPORT and FIRSTRIDE in the «Promo Codes» section.


Rental Cost and Whoosh Benefits

With a subscription purchase, you save on the trip's starting cost throughout the subscription period. This allows you to start a trip with a subscription cost of 0 rubles, regardless of the number of trips, even for group rides. Without a subscription, the cost ranges from 30 to 50 rubles. Additionally, a subscription allows you to reserve an electric scooter for free for 20 minutes, costing 199 rubles. This is particularly advantageous if you take at least 10 trips within a week.


How to Start Using Whoosh Rentals

1. Install the app on your smartphone.

2. Register in the app by entering the required information, including your phone number.

3. Open the map in the app and choose the nearest scooter.

4.  Your ride!


Virtual Phone Number for Registration

Want to take advantage of discounts or welcome bonuses in stores or various apps multiple times? Or do you need to register multiple accounts on different platforms but don't want to buy additional SIM cards? In that case, a virtual phone number will be useful.

A virtual number is essentially the same as a physical SIM card, except it's much cheaper and issued for a specific period. The issuance time for each virtual number is individual. Here's how to quickly and advantageously acquire virtual numbers.


Buy a Virtual Number


1. Visit or register on the platform.

2. Top up your balance with the required amount.

3. Select the country and mobile operator.

4. Find the «Whoosh» virtual number and click «Get Number».

5. Enter the received SMS code to complete the registration.

With a virtual number, you can register on DiDi,, Uber, and other apps at a minimal cost.