PRIDE Card: Save and Get Benefits at WOG Gas Stations

WOG (West Oil Group) is one of the largest networks of gas stations and cafes in Ukraine. Recently, they released an updated version of their mobile application for iOS and Android called PRIDE. The loyalty program allows regular customers to make purchases on more convenient terms.

Advantages of PRIDE cards for owners


1. Use discounts on fuel at WOG gas stations.

2. Convenient payment methods. Pay for goods at gas stations partially or in full using accumulated points on the card.

3. Cardholders participate in exclusive discounts and promotions.

4. 24/7 hotline support. A special hotline is available for PRIDE program participants to resolve any issues or problems.

5. The card can be linked to your phone number for convenient access and authentication.

6. Complete online access. The PRIDE program allows card management and point tracking online.

7. The updated version of the mobile application includes an expense calculator to help you track your spending.

To get a PRIDE card, simply visit a WOG gas station and make any purchase (such as fuel, items from the store, or food).



To use the PRIDE card, you need to visit to register the card. The PRIDE program includes car owners who have already taken advantage of the offered promotional offers. Card registration can also be done through the application. To register the card, you will be redirected to the registration page on the website, where you will need to enter the card number and your information.




Participants in the loyalty program receive bonuses on their PRIDE card for paying for goods and services at WOG network gas stations. To accumulate points, present the card when making purchases.

Bonuses can be used to pay at WOG gas stations, in stores, as well as at partner organizations of the company. The list of participating stores is available in the application. Rewards are credited without delays according to the program's terms.

To receive guaranteed individual rewards, it is recommended to refuel the car with at least ten liters. You can check the number of accumulated bonuses on receipts after payment, on the website, or simply ask the operators at the gas stations.


Virtual Numbers for Registration

To register on the website, you need to provide your information and specify your phone number. If for any reason you cannot or do not want to use your personal phone number, or you need to create several different profiles, you can use a virtual number.

Virtual numbers are designed to receive SMS messages, and their cost is much lower than regular SIM cards. You can purchase a temporary virtual number for the price starting from 1 ruble or a few rubles.


Buy a Virtual Number for


1. To register on the website, enter your email and password, or go directly to your account.

2. Click on your username, «Add Funds», choose a method of adding funds.

3. From the list on the homepage or in your account, select the country and the mobile operator.

4. Find the service «» and click «Get Number».

5. Enter the number and the code received from the SMS during registration on the service.

You can also register on InDriver, UPG gas stations,, and other services using a virtual phone number. The virtual phone number is issued for a limited time. All information about purchased numbers can be viewed in your account.