Grindr — geolocation dating site

Grindr is a dating website that stands as one of the pioneers in utilizing geolocation to connect people in real-time within their regional proximity. With over 30 million users and operations in more than 190 countries, Grindr is immensely popular. The platform sees a daily addition of over 25 million new photos. Users are primarily attracted to Grindr due to its commitment to user privacy, allowing registration without sharing personal information.

Key Features of the Grindr App


The app offers various functions to find and rate potential matches, as well as send hearts. Users can create profiles, upload photos, and set statuses. Inviting users to private chats, hidden from others, ensures privacy while engaging with others. Grindr's dating platform provides filters for convenient selection of new acquaintances based on interests, location, and more. While basic features are free, premium subscription is required for communication in chats.


Grindr Registration Process

The app is available for free download on App Store or Google Play. To register, users need to:

- Provide an email address and their phone number;

- Create and confirm a password;

- Choose a nickname and set a status;

- Fill in hobbies and interests in the account.


Registration Without a Personal Number

Grindr registration requires substantial personal data. Due to various reasons, many users prefer to maintain their anonymity. To enhance search efficiency, having multiple profiles is advisable. However, registering on different phone numbers each time can be inconvenient. In such cases, virtual numbers come in handy. These numbers are almost identical to regular SIM cards but are much cheaper and do not require personal details.


Advantages of Virtual Numbers Over Regular Ones

1. Affordability: Most virtual numbers on our site start from as low as 1 or a few rubles.

2. High Speed: Almost instant SMS reception ensures swift registration.

3. Data Privacy: No need to enter personal information, ensuring data confidentiality.

4. Unlimited Accounts: Create an unlimited number of accounts with virtual numbers.

5. Responsive Support: Our support team strives to promptly address any inquiries.


Buy a Virtual Number for Grindr


1. Register: Sign up on or log in to your account.

2. Click on your username, select «Add Funds», and enter the desired amount.

3. Pick the country and mobile operator from the dropdown list.

4. Locate «Grindr» either through the search bar in your account or directly on the main page and click «Get Number».

5. Finish Registration: Receive the SMS and complete the registration process.

Virtual numbers for SMS can also be used for registering on Paycell, OffGamers, Hily, and more. Long-term number rentals are available on our site. To rent a number, click «Rent» on the main page, choose the country, and select the rental period.