Hily - online dating app

Hily is an online dating service that has gained immense popularity. Join millions of users and find new friends or your significant other. The app's interface is incredibly user-friendly, and you can customize the level of privacy according to your preferences. Hily, an abbreviation for "Hey, I like you," has been in existence since 2017 and is currently used by 16 million users worldwide.

Advantages of Hily Dating Site


- Expanded Social Circle: Connect with a wider range of people;

- Numerous Conversational Partners: Engage with many new individuals;

- Customizable Filters: Search for people with similar interests and views;

- Safe Communication: All user profiles are verified, ensuring safe interactions;

- Chat and Like Notifications: Receive notifications for messages and likes;

- Premium Level Package: Additional benefits available in the premium package;

- Incognito Mode: Maintain privacy by browsing profiles anonymously.

Users can log into the application from more than 40 entry points. Hily takes into account not only appearance and geography but also lifestyle, background, interests, and even compatibility coefficients.


Registration on the Dating Site

The first step to using Hily is creating your profile, which takes just a couple of minutes. After entering your information, the app will show you profiles of other people. Simply swipe left or right based on your interest in each user. If you find someone intriguing, you can open a chat and exchange photos. Hily stands out from other dating apps by offering a multitude of possibilities, whether you're looking for a significant other, a new friend, or just someone to chat with.


Virtual Phone Number for Hily Registration

Most platforms require a phone number for registration as a means of user identification. However, sharing your data online and linking it to your identity poses privacy and security risks.

If you don't want to provide your real phone number or need multiple accounts, getting a virtual phone number is a smart solution. It's similar to a regular phone number but is issued for a specific period, which you can view in your account. Plus, it's much more affordable and quicker than getting a physical SIM card.

Buy a Virtual Phone Number


1. To register, visit https://smsak.org/, click «Registration», and provide your email address.

2. Top up your account with the desired amount.

3. Go to the main page, choose the country and mobile operator from the drop-down list.

4. Find «Hily» in the list, or if you have trouble finding it, go to the ordered numbers section, search for the service, and click «Get Number».

5. You can now receive SMS with the activation code for your registration on the platform.

Additionally, on our website, you can purchase virtual numbers for registration on other dating platforms such as Plenty of Fish (POF), Tantan, and more. If you wish to rent a number for an extended period, click the «Rent» button on the main page, select the country, and choose the rental duration.