Douyin TikTok — Differences and Features on the Short Video Platform

The popularity of the short video service TikTok continues to grow. Currently, more than one billion users are registered on this platform. Among them are a considerable number of users from China. According to Chinese legislation, only the specially developed Chinese version of the app, Douyin TikTok, is allowed for use in China.

The Chinese version of TikTok is optimized for the Chinese audience while retaining all the features available in other versions. The app allows users to shoot videos, add music to them, or use their own songs.

Douyin TikTok and Its Key Differences


TikTok itself is not available in China. Instead, its Chinese counterpart, Douyin, operates. Essentially, Douyin serves as the foundation for the international version known as TikTok. Douyin actively utilizes user behavior analysis systems.

One of the differences is the unique mentality of the country. Douyin introduces its own trends and influencers prevalent within China, distinguishing itself from the European version of the app.

The second distinction lies in the vast array of masks and filters unavailable in the original application. The Chinese version of TikTok (Douyin) offers a collection of music that cannot be found in the international version.

By default, the Douyin TikTok app is set to a dark theme in its settings. This reduces eye strain and ensures comfortable use during nighttime.


Registration Using a Virtual Number

Registration on the platform is free, but situations arise where access to the service is needed from another account, and an additional SIM card is not available. This can happen in the following cases:

Access to the previous page was lost, including the contacts provided during registration.

An additional TikTok channel is needed for promoting your business.

An anonymous account needs to be created for posting content while maintaining confidentiality.

You plan to launch a project or research requiring multiple accounts on the platform for data collection or user behavior analysis.

An account is needed for supporting or managing the official profile of an organization, group, or team without using the primary account.


Advantages of a Temporary Number

Purchasing a temporary number for receiving messages is much cheaper than buying a new SIM card.

It allows for quickly creating an unlimited number of accounts on any popular social network, ensuring efficiency in selling products or advertising various items.

When using virtual numbers, there is no need to disclose your real contact information, providing additional privacy.


Buy a Virtual Number for TikTok Registration


1. Register at or log in to your account if you have registered before.

2. Choose the most convenient payment method and top up your balance on the service.

3. Select the country, mobile operator, find the required service, and check the cost of receiving messages.

4. Return to the main page, choose the country and the «TikTok/Douyin» service or use the search function by entering the name in your account. Then click «Get Number».

5. Download the Douyin app and proceed to the registration form.

6. Enter the virtual number in the corresponding field during registration, receive the code, and complete the registration.

A virtual phone number for receiving SMS messages can be used not only for TikTok registration but also in other applications, such as BeReal, BIGO LIVE, Badoo, and many others.