BeReal — a social network for publishing your real life photos

BeReal is a social media photo exchange app. Every day, at various times, the app sends notifications to take a photo and share it within 2 minutes. It's a new and unique way to discover who your friends really are in everyday life.

BeReal App Concept


The idea behind BeReal is to showcase your real life without filters and meticulous editing like on Instagram.

The app's feature lies in taking photos simultaneously with both the main and front cameras. The post consists of the photo taken with the main camera, with a separate window in the upper left corner showing the front camera shot. The resulting photo can only be viewed in the final image.

If you don't post a photo after receiving the notification, you won't be able to see your friends' photos. Notifications cannot be received late at night or during the night, as the app considers local time. The feed resets every day, so you can't endlessly scroll through it.


Advantages of BeReal

While social media platforms are filled with heavily filtered and edited photos, BeReal encourages authenticity.

1. Photos cannot be edited or filtered. You have only 2 minutes to take and publish a photo.

2. You can post a photo only once a day to avoid spending too much time on the app.

3. Commenting on photos is allowed only for friends, preventing unknown users from leaving comments.

4. BeReal offers its own set of emojis called RealMoji for expressing your reactions to friends' photos.

5. There is no tracking of followers or hashtags.

6. When friends post photos, you can see their current location.

7. View your friends' reactions to your BeReal post directly from the main screen.


Creating an Account

The app can be freely installed on both Android and iOS devices. During setup, you need to provide your phone number and age. Then, enter your name and create a password.

After registration, you need to create a username, and the app will request permission for push notifications and geolocation data sharing (which you can decline). Then, you can create your first post to start viewing other users' photos.


How to Register on BeReal Without a Personal Number

Only one phone number can be used for one account. To register multiple profiles or to explore the app without revealing your personal number, you can buy a virtual phone number. A temporary number is an option if you need to maintain anonymity online. Virtual numbers are commonly used for social media registrations, dating websites, and confirming messenger app registrations.


Buy a Virtual Number for BeReal


1. Register on (you only need to provide your email and create a password) or log in if you are already registered.

2. In your dashboard (click on your username), click «Add Funds», enter the desired amount, and make the payment using any of the listed methods.

3. Choose the country and mobile operator from the dropdown menu.

4. Find «BeReal» in your dashboard or on the homepage and click «Get a Number».

5. Copy the SMS to complete the registration within the app.

The acquired number, its cost, SMS, and the remaining time to receive SMS can be viewed in your dashboard under «Ordered Numbers». Temporary numbers allow registration on platforms such as OpenAI, Paycell, Wish, etc.