Chat Yalla - an application for communicating with friends and meeting new people

Yalla is an increasingly popular entertainment service designed specifically for voice-based group communication. Within the app, users can engage in voice chats and play games with others located nearby or from around the world.

Yalla Chat Rooms is an application created for communicating with a diverse range of users from different corners of the world through text messaging and voice messages. With this application, you can make new connections and engage in conversations in any of the chat rooms available.

To make it easier to find a suitable chat, there are various filters; for example, you can search for chats based on country or specific topics.


Why You Should Download Yalla

Meeting new people is now much simpler: every day, you can choose from thousands of live voice rooms, applying various filters to find the topics that interest you. Communication knows no bounds—you can chat with friends in groups, regardless of your location, broadcast your favorite music in a room, and sing karaoke together.


Advantages of Yalla Live

1. Free Usage: Enjoy free voice chat on 3G, 4G, LTE, or Wi-Fi networks.

2. Participate in Public Chats: Engage in any of the thousands of public chats and communicate with participants from all over the world on topics that interest you.

3. Private Conversations: You can participate not only in public chats but also create one-on-one conversations.

4. Gaming in Chat: Games are hosted in the chat, allowing you to play online without interrupting your conversations.

5. Virtual Gifts: Express your support by sending animated gifts.

6. Share and Connect: Share and follow on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, and other platforms. You can also invite friends or new subscribers.


Virtual Phone Number for Yalla Registration

When registering on Yalla, a phone number is required for user identification. Gathering various information about you online, linking it to your identity, etc., can pose a threat to privacy and security.

If you don't want to enter your number for the reasons mentioned above or need to create accounts for business promotion, and buying physical SIM cards is time-consuming and inconvenient, you can use a virtual number. The cost of such a number is much lower than purchasing a regular SIM card. It's essentially the same as a regular SIM card; you'll receive an SMS with a confirmation code, but you don't need to provide your details anywhere.


Buy a Virtual Number


1. If you are not registered on our website and have not purchased a number before, visit click «Register», and fill in the required information, including your email address.

2. Next, in your account, click «Add Funds» and add the necessary amount.

3. On the homepage, select the country and mobile operator from the drop-down list.

4. Then find «Yalla». If you have difficulty finding it, you can go to your ordered numbers and search for this service in the search bar on the left and click «Get Number».

5. Receive the SMS with the code and complete the registration on Yalla Live.

6. If you don't plan to use the services of this service in the future or need to register accounts for a specific period, you can rent a virtual number. Click «Rent» on the homepage, select the country, and the rental period. You can find out more about the service of renting a virtual number for an extended period in our blog.